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    Posted on 15 June 2012

    Tarun always made the most difficult choices with the lightest smile

    Many of us can live a lifetime and leave no trace in the world. Tarun Sehrawat lived barely 22, but he left an imprint that touched many lives and which we will carry forward with us in his memory. In a world governed by the accidents of fate, it is the choices we make that set us apart. Tarun always made the most difficult choices with the lightest smile. If there was a road others feared to walk, he would take the first step. He grasped life. He enjoyed it. If he could get up now, he would do the story again. That is who Tarun Sehrawat was. That is what is giving his family strength to pass through the great blankness that has fallen on them. That is what we honour.

    Editor's Cut | By Shoma Chaudhury

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    Inside Abujmarh The Mythic Citadel

    Photographs by Tarun SehrawatView Slideshow
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    ... a selection from his portfolio

    Tributes for Tarun Sehrawat

    On Email:

    Nityanand: Really sorry to hear about Sehrawat. Wish you and your colleagues and his family lots of strength.

    Nishanth Kumaran: I had recently come across the article about Abumarjh it was intriguing , interesting and at its narrative best for a common man like me. I wanted to write this email to both Tusha and Tarun before but my work kept me busy and forgot about it. I learnt today that Tarun is attained humble abode and much saddened that such a good talent has been taken away. I pay my last respects through this email and my profound gratitude for making people like me aware of a situation and place called Abujmarh. Salute.

    Raheel Khursheed, Director Communications, India, Change.org: Tarun is a martyr to the cause of telling the untold story...to the cause of telling the truth, a cause that you at Tehelka uphold so well, at great personal and professional cost.

    Vibha Kumar, Associate Editor, MAXIM: What words can I say, I know not. But I can only hope Tarun has his peace, and his parents find the strength to afce this difficult time. Peace

    Rohit Gautam, Photographer: Tarun’s family must be proud that their son is a real hero for the young and upcoming Photojournalists.

    Lesley Esteves: I'm very sorry for your loss and for the terrible circumstances in which this young and brave journalist Tarun Sehrawat lost his life. I salute you all, not as a fellow journalist, but as an Indian grateful for the courageous journalism practiced by Tehelka.

    Akash Banerjee, Senior Special Correspondent-Editorial, HT: Sad news about Tarun. I have been to Dantewada myself and would have never thought that things could go so wrong. Here is wishing strength to Ranbir Bhaiya as he deals with this immeasurable loss.

    Javed Iqbal : Tarun was a friend of mine whose smile was an absolute rarity in Dantewada. His life does lay testament to Indian Photography and one of his greatest qualities was his absolute lack of jealousy and insecurity, something which Indian photographers are too preoccupied with. I am living proof that all precautions don't work. I had anti-malaria tablets every week but still ended up with an awful bout of malaria in the middle of nowhere in one of my first forays into the jungle. I know the places where Tarun had gone, and others after him must know the risks too.

    On Twitter:

    @ankitagrawal87: #TarunSehrawat, a friend and staff-photographer of@tehelkadotcom dies. #sad http://www.tehelka.com/story_main53.asp?filename=Ws130612Editor_Cut.asp

    @ShivAroor: R.I.P. Tarun Sehrawat, photojournalist with @Tehelkadotcom. Travel well, brother.

    @KabirTaneja: Thoughts with the folks at @tehelkadotcom . RIP Tarun Sehrawat.

    @thealternative: Our condolences. A demise too early RT @tehelkadotcom: Photo journalist #TarunSehrawat passes away this morninghttp://bit.ly/Sehrawat RIP

    @lokeshgrover: RIP @tehelkadotcom: Photo journalist #TarunSehrawat passes away this morning http://bit.ly/Sehrawat RIP

    @Manuviraj; Please extend my deepest condolence to the family of #TarunSehrawat. RIP

    @kundanscribbles: it's sad but an inspiration for living a life truly, lively. Tarun u were and r a legend. U wrote ur own legacy.

    @Surindero: my heartfelt condolences. Tarun we will miss you. We never thought you will leave us this way.#TarunSehrawat

    @rukmini_shrini: Terrible, terrible news. RT @tehelkadotcom: Photo journalist#TarunSehrawat passes away this morninghttp://bit.ly/Sehrawat RIP

    @lokeshgrover RIP

    @Falguni1951 Sad, may his soul RIP & give strength to the bereaved family to bear this unbearable loss.

    @vikram140gulati may his soul rest in peace. really tragic. too young

    @saravanangee deep condolences

    @Ambreenzaidi Ohhh! We lost him? RIP, dear brave child!

    @rashidrizwana All my prayers for him

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    Posted on 15 June 2012



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