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    From Tehelka Magazine, Vol 9, Issue 28, Dated 14 July 2012

    He makes it all go viral
    20. Jay Meattle
    In the oversized black hole that is the Internet, content publishers, content users and advertisers all seem to be in a perennial dance to find each other. Solutions to individual needs are many, but there seemed no single platform that offers an elegant solution to give each segment of users exactly what they wanted. Until Jay Meattle came along Read More >

    Let there be light
    19. Project Chirag | 27 October
    When you think of urban college students, you imagine canteen hangouts and uninterrupted indulgence, classes bunked and notes copied, fests and friends. Now, a group of Mumbai students are set to give their fraternity’s image of aimlessness a beating by undertaking an ambitious project to light up dark villages using solar power Read More >

    The bots are marching in
    18. Fahad Azad | 20 October
    We tend to think of robotics as something in the future, removed from everyday life. Now, a Mumbai start-up called Robosoft Systems is out to demonstrate that it can change our future, and that too in a dozen different ways Read More >

    Making every voice heard
    17. Ajit Narayanan | 13 October
    Engineers, we tend to think, are driven by technological dreams rather than creative or emotional ones. Turns out that’s not always true. For Ajit Narayanan, the desire to unveil the personalities of those hindered by disability was the driver to create Avaz, an augmentative and alternative communication device that equips those with impediments to communicate verbally with the world around them Read More >

    Printing a green future
    16. Krishna Gopal Singh | 06 October
    Recycling paper may be a great step to reducing your carbon footprint, but have you ever thought about the ink used to print on those reams? Turns out it’s the environmental equivalent of a serial killer — and a New Delhi-based company is taking the challenge head on. Read More >

    There will be blood
    15. Khushroo Poacha | 29 September
    Of all the scarcities that cause loss of life, none is as devastating as not finding blood during an emergency — devastating because it is patently avoidable. One Nagpur resident decided to take uncertainty out of the equation; and more than 30,000 people have him to thank for saving their lives. Read More >

    Nanotubes for Nano prices
    14. Vivek Nair | 22 September
    Pollution, it turns out, can be productive — a staggering discovery made by innovator Vivek Nair allows the production of carbon nanotubes from industrial emissions and changes the nanotechnologies landscape dramatically Read More >

    Mom, I know How You Feel
    13. Rajendra Sadhu | 15 September
    One man’s fear for the well-being of his parents thousands of miles away sparked a healthcare-at-home revolution Read More >

    Samaj Pragati Sahayog
    12. Rangu Rao | 08 September
    Rainwater harvesting and watershed development aren’t the most ‘happening’ innovations anymore — but for the thousands of farmers impacted by the Samaj Pragati Sahayog’s (SPS) grassroots movement to bring water to central Madhya Pradesh, there’s never been a bigger hero than Rangu Rao Read More >

    Banking on the phone
    11. Shubhranshu Choudhary | 01 September
    Citizen journalism may be a movement empowering affected people to report challenges that confront them first-hand. But illiteracy, lack of technical infrastructure and language issues prevent most rural citizens — those most in need of intervention — from telling their own stories. Until now. Read More >

    It pays to be exotic
    10. Mathew John | 25 August
    Organic and fair trade may be just fashionable words to urbanites, but to those living in far-flung villages, they are a route to success and scalability. Last Forest, an offshoot of the Keystone Foundation, has achieved this by working in the Nilgiris Biosphere Reserve for more than 15 years on eco-development initiatives Read More >

    Hear is the new frontier
    9. Shilpi Kapoor | 18 August
    Most of us cry ourselves hoarse about the dying craft and artisan traditions of the country, but one Mumbai couple put its money where its mouth was and set up the country’s first online marketplace for crafts and artisans. Read More >

    Indian, by design
    8. Manoj & Monica Gupta | 11 August
    Irony is commonplace in India. Take our large disabled population; we have been quick to adopt politically correct terminology for the disabled but we are indifferent to adopting technologies that can make them fullyfunctioning, productive members of society. Now, one Mumbai innovator is out to shake things up. Read More >

    One size fits all
    7. Hemanth Satyanarayana | 04 August
    Sometimes, the most striking innovations are the ones you didn’t know you needed — but once developed, you wonder how you lived without it. TrialAR, a digital trial room by Hyderabad-based Imaginate, is all set to be a gamechanger in online and brick-and-mortar retail. Read More >

    The revolution will be vlogged
    6. Stalin K & Jessica Mayberry | 28 July
    It doesn’t take much to achieve scale in India. Take Internet usage: we are the third largest users of the Internet in the world and yet, only 10 percent of the country’s population — 120 million, almost exclusively urban — have Internet access. This kind of skewed information access is what prompted two innovators, Stalin K and Jessica Mayberry, to find a way for rural, remote voices to be heard by the mainstream Read More >

    Farmville for real
    5. Rikin Gandhi | 21 July
    Fifty percent of India’s workforce is employed in agriculture but only about 17 percent of our GDP comes from farming. In 2008, the World Bank’s India Overview highlighted the outdated, unsustainable nature of traditional farming practices. Yet, it’s become the elephant in the room that policymakers are intent on ignoring. Enter Digital Green, an innovative non-profit that has taken on the challenge of convincing farmers to adopt more modern practices — with amazing results Read More >

    A smart kit for survival
    4. Bihar Innovation Lab | 14 July
    Innovation is unusual in that it is both a path and often a goal — the desire to be and to breed innovativeness drives people and organisations. Now, with the Bihar Innovation Lab (BIL), one organisation demonstrates that you can successfully institutionalise the process of innovation and amplify its benefits across a large audience Read More >

    Taming the pesticide dragon
    3. Priyanka Sharma | 07 July
    One of the core challenges in testing agricultural land and soil for traces of environmental pollutants has long been the sheer time, money and effort involved. Enter Priyanka Sharma and her inexpensive — and simple — device for field monitoring of toxic molecules Read More >

    Sniffing out lung cancer
    2. Nitin Joshi | 30 June
    If cancer is the big scourge of our age, lung cancer is the most implacable killer of all — less than 15 percent patients survive beyond five years. With conventional chemotherapy being expensive, invasive and non-specific, effective treatment for lung cancer has been hit-and-miss so far. Now, a breakthrough by IIT Mumbai alumnus Nitin Joshi offers the hope of non-invasive, cheaper and more effective chemotherapy that is delivered through an asthma-style inhaler Read More >

    Ingenuity on a shoe string
    1. Anirudh Sharma | 23 June
    White sticks, dark glasses, a guide dog if they are lucky — the vision impaired have made do with crude tools to navigate the external world for decades. They have coped with danger and inconvenience, frustration and helplessness, and reconciled to a life of dependence. Now, something as routine as a shoe holds out the promise of safety, confidence and independence for millions of people. Read More >

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    From Tehelka Magazine, Vol 9, Issue 28, Dated 14 July 2012



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