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Posted on 24 February 2012
24 February 2012



    We have so far believed that poetry and politics may only be step sisters who don’t get along, or perhaps step sisters who malign each other to their own benefit. Kapil Sibal has, however, proved otherwise with his new book of poems titled My World Within to be launched next week. Sample a verse. “Your lips are parched/the summer dry/each moment seems/like years gone by (Parched terrain).”


    If the stereotype of the Facebook addict is exhibitionist, the tumblr equivalent is certainly emo. Tumblr has now revised its policy about the many tumblr blogs that post images of unrealistically thin models and posts about self harm. They will first warn bloggers to edit content and also issue a public service announcement on harmful eating disorders. That’s good thin(king). tumblr!


    After being on Top Chef for nine seasons, Padma Lakshmi feels she simply can’t eat that much. She told New York Magazine, “It's hard to eat that much every day. I mean, it's a lucky position, but it's hard. It's a lot of wear-and-tear on the body and the digestive tract.” We are admittedly still a little envious of her.


    In an attempt to undo the damage to his image post the brawl at Bombay’s Wasabi, Saif Ali Khan called the press to his residence to come out clean. Saif has said that he could have had a more Gandhian approach but that he reacted as any gentleman would have. He has filed a police complaint and says the courts must do the rest. Let’s hope for the truth to prevail.




Four artists Alwar Balasubramanium, Warli painter Rajesh Chaity Vangad, Japanese artist Ichiro Endo and painter Yusuke Asai spent time at Sujata Village in Bodhgaya, Bihar, painting the walls of a school as part of a social development project. The culmination of the exhibition will be shown as photographs at the Japan Foundation in the capital. Japan Foundation, New Delhi, 27 February to 4 March.


Kick start the weekend with a dose of carnage. Quite literally, Roman Polanski’s Carnage is a story about how two 11-year-old boys get into a fight and one breaks a tooth. That is not all. Their parents decide to discuss the problem and as the evening progresses it becomes clear that the fight is only a precursor to an avalanche of serious problems that the four adults have! Sample the trailer.


Celebrate the early days of spring with evenings of Sufi music. ICCR presents two Qawwali groups that claim lineage to the Qawwal Bachche trained by the legendary Amir Khusrau 750 years ago. On 25 February, there will be a show by the Nizami Brothers and Nizami Bandhu. On the 26th, the Qutbi Brothers and Warsi Brothers will perform. At the India Islami Cultural Centre, 6 pm, Delhi.

Compiled by Yamini Deendayalan
[email protected]

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Posted on 24 February 2012



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