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    Posted on 24 February 2012

    Tehelka & The Week honoured for excellence in investigative journalism

    Both magazines awarded for their effort in exposing malaise and exploitation in society

    Shradha Chettri
    New Delhi

    Tehelka and The Week were jointly awarded the International Press Institute’s (IPI) Award Ceremony for Excellence in Journalism 2011 for their active investigative journalism

    Photo: Shailendra Pandey

    “Such awards not only honour worthy journalists but also trigger others to do better,” said Ambika Soni, Information and Broadcating Minister, while addressing the audience at the International Press Institute’s (IPI) Award Ceremony for Excellence in Journalism 2011. Tehelka and The Week were jointly awarded for their active investigative journalism.

    While The Week received an award for a story on sham medical and dental colleges that had no doctors, patients or facilities to award medical degrees to thousands of students by Gunjan Sharma, Tehelka’s Pushp Sharma’s story exposing the leadership of Shree Ram Sene agreeing to start a riot in exchange for payment in Karnataka won the prestigious award. The two magazines were awarded a trophy, citiation and a cheque worth Rs 1 lakh.

    Addressing the crowd, Justice S Anand strongly voiced the need for the print and electronic media to practice regulation. He expressed the need for the media to focus more on human interest stories rather than concentrating on stories that deal with the glamour and fashion industry alone.

    Soni also said that there would be more television channels coming up as the Ministry would be clearing more licences. She expressed joy at the burgeoning growth and expansion of the Indian media. Disagreeing with Justice S Anand, she remarked that the internet press is a good medium because of it larger reach and said that the government stands for the system of self-regulation rather than external sanctions.

    Award jury N Ravi spoke at length on the issue of press freedom and the need for the decriminalisation of defamation laws. He also said that such laws have already been repealed in countries like Sri Lanka and pressed on the need for India to do the same.

    The award ceremony also had the presence of Alison Mc Kinsey, Director of International Press Institute, Vienna, appreciated India’s contribution to the International Press Institute from its inception in 1963.

    Tarun Tejpal, editor-in-chief, Tehelka, expressed concern that the entire system is structurally weak. The people are not ready to pay for the magazines and the money that they get is exclusively from the advertisers which force them to remain simple. Tejpal further pointed out that remaining simple in its style is not the solution at a time when India is going through various complexities and is dogged by corruption.

    Shradha Chettri is an intern with Tehelka.
    [email protected]

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    Posted on 24 February 2012



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