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From Tehelka Magazine, Vol 8, Issue 28, Dated 16 July 2011

Master takes

Compiled by Naina Manjrekar

Adil Writer on art
Claying on An artwork by Kane

Adil Writer on art
Although a practising studio potter today, I see Rakhee Kane as a painter at heart, looking at the forms she makes as canvases. She creates depth and varied moods with rhythmic lines, textures and contrasting colours, using to advantage clay slips that flash in the fire of her wood-burning kiln. She is currently inspired by lotus seed-pods — large matte-black objects that have the power to take over a room. Her interest in Indian iconography shows up as sketches on clay of motifs like the shankh, chakra, gada and padma.

Writer is an architect-ceramist from Mumbai

Bharati Jagannathan on books

‘The story delves into the lives of three kids and their two pet gerbils’

Bharati Jagannathan on books
I was enthralled by Philippa Pearce’s The Battle of Bubble and Squeak. The book gave me the sheer pleasure of reading a work of literature, exquisitely crafted and an example of the quality writing in the genre of children’s fiction. The story delves into the lives of three kids and the two pet gerbils that their mother just won’t admit inside the house.

Jagannathan is a Delhi-based author of children’s fiction

Rajendra Prasanna on music
Tune in Dukkad player Mangal Prasad

Rajendra Prasanna on music
Dukkad player Mangal Prasad has been doing some exceptional work. The dukkad is a folk drum now mostly replaced by the tabla and a dying saaz that has been a traditional accompaniment for the shehnai. Prasad has travelled widely around the world and taken Indian classical music to a varied audience.

Prasanna is a Delhi-based Flautist

Frozen moment
Frozen moment A still from Encounters at the End of the World

Yousuf Saeed on Film
We all enjoy those Antarctica programmes with penguins and floating icebergs on television. But do they evoke anything other than awe? I couldn’t imagine such an unusually poetic film experience being created out of Antarctica as in Encounters at the End of the World, a documentary by Werner Herzog that showcases the frozen continent from the eyes of a few scientists who “could not fit anywhere on the globe and naturally fell down” into South Pole. What adds to the film’s idiosyncrasy is the dry humour and a very German accent of the director’s voiceover.

Saeed is a Delhi-based Documentary filmmaker

Manjeet Singh on food
Bon South and South Indies run by Chef Venkatesh Bhatt are doing a great job of bringing the best of traditional south Indian cuisine on the platter for diners in Bengaluru. He has raised the bar where south Indian cuisine is concerned, an achievement in itself given the popularity of the cuisine. The restaurants offer delicacies that are rarely available in any other south Indian restaurant, particularly preparations from Andhra Pradesh and Kerala. Another interesting concept developed by Bhatt is the vegetarian breakfast buffet at South Indies.

Singh is executive chef at Herbs and spice, Bengaluru


Jeff Lieberman on Art
Akshay mahajan on art
Jasmine Varma on Art

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From Tehelka Magazine, Vol 8, Issue 28, Dated 16 July 2011



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