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‘When other doctors are there, we don’t talk about this’

Dr Kataria is an orthopaedic surgeon in Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital . In March, Kataria called up this reporter and complained he had not received two payments from Aashlok’s Delhi MR Centre. In this meeting, Kataria gives the details of the patients whose returns were pending. Interestingly, he initially misunderstood the rendezvous for his ‘pay-day’.  

Kataria: Yes?
Tehelka: It’s me, sir.
Kataria: Yes. Have you taken care of that (the cases)?
Tehelka: Sir, I spoke to…
Kataria: Shall I give (the names to) you now?
Tehelka: Yes.
Kataria: I have them (the names) with me.
Kataria: You left the other centre?
Tehelka: Yes, sir. There was… again, there was a misunderstanding.
Kataria: Normally, when some other doctors are there na, we don’t talk about this.
Tehelka: Yeah.
Kataria: You are aware of that?
Tehelka: Yeah. Yeah. I am not a newcomer.
Kataria: You are in Aashlok, na?
Tehelka: Yeah.
Tehelka: Sir, I hope there hasn’t been any kind of misunderstanding.
Kataria: (Hands a slip of paper with the names of two patients: Geeta 14/3 and SN Gupta 18/3) These are the two I remember.
Tehelka: Have you sent in any (cases) after these?
Kataria: No. I remember these only.
Tehelka: You haven’t received (the payments) for these?
Kataria: No. Not for these two. Is that fine? Next time…
Tehelka: Sir, after these… you haven’t sent in any (cases)?
Kataria: No. No, I have not noted it here. It is possible I have noted it at home. But, these are definitely there, which I have…
Tehelka: Fine, sir. I will really try to find out. I mean… I did talk to them. They said meet the doctor once at the hospital…

August 28, 2004

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