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From Tehelka Magazine, Vol 8, Issue 6, Dated February 12, 2011

The 16th name on the Swindlers' List

Is a Mammen from MRF

Arun Mammen

BY Sai Manish
New Delhi

Four days ago, TEHELKA had released a list of 15 names in the black money list handed over by the German government to India in 2009. Now, we are revealing the 16th name in the list: a member of the Mammen family from MRF.

This 16th name is a part of the list that the government handed over to the Supreme Court. Like the other 15, the 16th person too is believed to have parked money in the LGT Bank of Liechtenstein.

The Mammens are a strong family-owned business with a hierarchy where three generations are on the MRF board. The founder of MRF, the late MK Mammen Mappillai, was a Padma Shri awardee.

It is not known whether the Mammens own accounts in other Swiss banks but their name stands out in the list handed over to Indian authorities by the German government.

TEHELKA tried to contact Arun Mammen, Managing Director of the MRF Board, for four days with repeated calls to his office, his cousin Koshi Verghese, and his communications office. Calls made till Friday, the last working day of the week in MRF's registered office at Greams Road in Chennai, were answered by his secretary Malti.

Malti gave varied answers like “Mr Mammen is not in office”, “He has gone home for lunch”, and “He is in a meeting.” On Monday, Mammen's office stopped answering calls from TEHELKA.

Arun Mammen has also not responded to two emails sent by TEHELKA seeking his side of the story. Sources say Arun Mammen has been questioned by Income Tax authorities and has paid his dues. The case against him is closed, the sources add. But, TEHELKA has no official confirmation on this.

Here is the email that TEHELKA sent to Arun Mammen, which he did not respond to.

Mr Arun Mammen,
I would like to inform you that we will be publishing your name in the list of account holders with LGT bank. Many people have already splashed your name on TV screens and on the net. I request you to answer the following questions:
When did you first start this account with LGT bank?
How much money have you stashed away in this account?
Have you been served a notice by the government?
Why did you chose LGT of all banks to stash your money?
Will you be willing to pay tax and avoid further complications?
Will you reveal other accounts you may be holding elsewhere?

Kindly reply at the earliest so that we can also publish your version.

Here is a brief on the Mammens on the MRF Board:

Rahul Mammen

KM Mammen: Is the Executive Chairman of the MRF Board. Graduated from the Madras Christian College, joined MRF as a full time director in 1981. He is one of the key men behind the success of the MRF Pace Foundation and takes active interest in cricket, having also served as the Vice-Presidentof the Tamil Nadu Cricket Association.

Arun Mammen: Managing Director of the MRF Board. He is a regular at the MRF racetrack at Sriperumbudur on the outskirts of Chennai. He is known to be close to the Congress and the DMK leaderships in Kerala and Tamil Nadu respectively.

Rahul Mammen: Is a third generation director on the MRF Board and was drafted in November 2010. This 32-year-old is the eldest son of KM Mammen and is a graduate from St. Stephen’s College, New Delhi, and an MBA from the University of Michigan Business school. He is known to formulate long term business plans for the group.

KC Mammen: Is a non-executive director on the board and was a professor of paediatrics at the Christian Medical College in Vellore. Not involved too much in the day-to-day working of MRF.

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From Tehelka Magazine, Vol 8, Issue 6, Dated Feb 12, 2011



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