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From Tehelka Magazine, Vol 7, Issue 30, Dated July 31, 2010

Transcripts of Tapes Detailing Conversation between RSS leader Shyam Apte and high-profile seer Dayanand Pandey alias Shankaracharya

Shyam Apte: [RSS chief] Mohan Bhagwat doesn’t have a full grip on this issue. The organisation, which he wants to build, is not happening. Hiring people and training them doesn’t make an organisation. I told Col. [SP] Purohit that people in the army shouldn’t know about his activities. He has already been given a memo. I want you to warn him that he shouldn’t be court martialled. We can rebuild Abhinav Bharat on a big scale if we need to.

Dayanand Pandey: Now, listen about the plans. I have called the person with the chemicals, woh mere paas aayega (will come to me)... I will use the same guy to do the work. He will reach by the 8th.

Apte: I am doubtful. On the 18th, Mohan Bhagwat will reach Delhi. He is putting two plus two. Indresh [Kumar] must have told him, I may go to Yeshwant. So he must be waiting to discuss it with me. If he comes, then our job is over. I am not worried. I am insisting because they [Indresh and Bhagwat] are our enemies.

Pandey: I have another option. There is a guy in Varanasi, a professional, who can do the work for us. He said he could do it. He will take 50 percent before killing and 50 later. I have used him earlier, too.

Apte: Aapne Rs 5 lakh diye toh woh hain yaa nahi (You gave Rs 5 lakh, is it still there?)

Dayanand: Maine isi liye kaha woh chemical ke bare mein. Post-mortem mein bhi woh cheez nahi aayegi aur mere liye toh usmein koi risk nahi hai. (That’s why I had mentioned about that chemical. The post-mortem won’t show the chemical, there is no risk for me). I have told him whatever time it takes, we are fine with it. I think this work will be done within two months.

Apte: Nagpur, Jhandewalan and Pune are my domains. I asked him when he was travelling by train. Mohan Bhagwat talked to me in Pune and was trying to convince me about Indresh, that he came from a good family. I spoke to [BJP leader] Murli Manohar Joshi also and have asked him to speak to Bhagwatji.

Pandey: We could have done this in Pune itself when he was here. I know of a man called Yadav from Azamgarh who could have done this (Investigators feel here they are talking about the attempt on the life of Bhagwat).

Transcripts of Tapes Detailing Conversations between Colonel SP Purohit, Major Ramesh Upadhyay, former BJP MP BL Sharma, Dayanand Pandey, Col. Dhar and RP Singh, an endocrinologist at Apollo Hospital.

Col. SP Purohit: We have to fight for our constitution and right. If Muslims can come down in huge numbers, why can’t we? We should have some nuisance value on the national, political and international level.

Maj. Upadhyay: I am just proposing as to why are we doing this. Even the BJP can’t be successful as we are fighting the constitution. This is not Hindu bharat desh, we have to fight the war. We can’t just keep talking about Ram Sethu.

Col. Purohit: We have done two such operations earlier which were successful. I was the one who had got the equipment for all of them. On 24 June 2007, we were to have a meeting with King Gyanendra. Col. Lajpat Prajwal, who is now a brigadier, was the one who made the meeting possible. We have to make use of the fact that nobody in this country will be able to figure out who is behind all this.

RP Singh: The BJP has a problem with the VHP. The VHP will be like a headless chicken without Ashok Singhal and Pravin Togadia.

Col. Purohit: The BJP will be as effective as the Shiv Sena at the national level if they remove the VHP. What do we expect from these people? Major Saheb has 20 people and we will train them.

Pandey: People from Israel came and asked us this, we don’t exchange mails, we just save them as drafts. I had also told Pravin bhai that these Maoists will be dominant and we have to do something about this. What Islam is doing is known to all of us. Aggressive Hindutva is what we need now.

RP Singh: King Gynendra ke samdhi hamaaare saath baithe the in Gorakhpur (King Gyanendra’s relative was with us in Gorakhpur). We have been getting the Nepalis together and tell them the truth. Some of the Nepalis have to come here. I have been telling Mohan Bhagwat about this. I told police chief Subhash Joshi about this and he was pained by the fact that the BJP is helping the Maoist forces. I have also been in touch with an old RSS man but could not take it ahead. Maj. Prayag Modak was the one who came to our meeting. Also helping us are Col. Raikar and Col. Hasmukh Patel, who are commanding officers. Lajpat Prajwal is from the side of Rani Aishwarya. By the way, Col. Dhar is here…

Col. Purohit: Namaskar Dharji. Let me introduce to the people here. We are on the same plane… Hindu rashtra.

RP Singh: Some like-minded Christians will also be helping us. I had very good relations with Ashok Singhal. He is a great guy but the Sangh men did not let him continue. He agreed with me on the Nepal issue. But Sangh has maintained its distance from him and because of me the entry of Indresh is restricted from VHP. Indresh is the same man who had meetings with Mulayam Singh Yadav and sarsanghchalak. I have been told that Indresh is involved with the ISI. At least Mayawati is better than these RSS guys. But she is not loyal. I met Murli Manohar Joshi and LK Advani and told Advani that he was doing a bigger blunder than Jawaharlal Nehru. Kal Pratibha ko lekar TV pe interview kar raha tha (he was being interviewed on TV), he is showing his tears and Barkha [Dutt] is interviewing him. Ravi Shankar Prasad doesn’t know what is happening in the BJP.

Pandey: I have been told that 54 people in the Sangh have been sold out to the ISI.

RP Singh: No hope can be kept of people like Indresh who are already neutralised. And till people like these are alive, there is no hope. In this situation traditional means won’t help. There is no point approaching Indresh for help. They removed BL Sharma and Govindacharya. Indresh gave a statement in Dhanbad appeasing Muslims and the people getting compromised are Indresh’s own men. The RSS should also pay a price for their betrayal. They should say that Indresh made us pay a price for ideological betrayal.

Pandey: It is a common sentiment that an organisation needs to be brought in to counter the Sangh. People like Ram Madhav and Indresh are being fed by the Sangh.

Col. Purohit: I have the population figures of Muslims in each state. But I have only three AK-47 guns. We couldn’t buy more earlier because we didn’t have the requisite funds.

Maj. Upadhyay: Cox bazaar mein they sell AK rifles but they are mostly jihadis.

Col. Purohit: You will get very expensive AK guns.

Pandey: Arrey, you get many AK guns.

Col. Purohit: The Israelis ask us to give them proof of our involvement. What more proof do they need? We have completed two successful operations.

Maj. Upadhyay: Hyderabad mein jo bomb blasts kiya tha woh apna hi aadmi tha. Woh colonel aapko batayenge kisne kiya tha (The Hyderabad blasts were done by our man. The colonel can tell you who it was).

Pandey: What if this organisation is banned?

Apte: We will give it an international aspect... and a covert name. We have to fight. See, if you aren’t a Hindu, you are my enemy. I will be unsafe if you are alive.

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From Tehelka Magazine, Vol 7, Issue 30, Dated July 31, 2010

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