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From Tehelka Magazine, Vol 7, Issue 21, Dated May 29, 2010

The Treehouse Fellowship

Mridula Koshy Delhi-based writer and author of a collection of short stories called If It Is Sweet

Wind in the willows Buena Vista huts in Kavummannam, Kalpetta

imageTHREE YEARS and a couple dozen short stories later, I allowed that I was a writer. But one impatient with how little I was producing. Writers with actual published books seemed, all of them, to have just returned from residencies in Italy. What a wonderful thing, I thought to be provided the space to write. In the concentrated time of a residency I would produce.

It was then I found residencies want nothing to do with writers who refuse to leave their m ultiple children at home. That’s fine, I muttered to myself. I’ll make my own residency — one that admits three children.

I wanted a residency in Kerala, the setting of the novel I had begun work on. I couldn’t stay with relatives. They, a most industrious group, whether extracting teeth or rubber, are the last people to understand staring off into space is a legitimate use of time. so I wrote to friends and even strangers — did they know a set-up in Kerala that would let a woman stare off into space while her children were kept from falling down wells. some months of whining elapsed and offers of service apartments in Kochi (no wells but huge tariffs) had to be rejected before a friend said of a friend that he was putting together a tree house.

A tree house.

The danger of wells having been surmounted, we journeyed to Buena Vista huts in Kavummannam, Kalpetta. at half the regular price — I agreed to help around the property in return for the discount — my hosts, anil and Manju, moved us into a tree and I spent a busy month there. I learnt to cook appam with Manju and when anil left for the Middle east I took over the job of welcoming honeymooning guests, “No, there are no snakes in these paths. Well, hardly ever. We do have wonderful coffee we grow here. shall I bring you a pot?”

Kalpetta was the site of a prehistoric civilisation. Two caves outside Kalpetta have on their walls pictoral writings left
behind since the stone age

Nearest airport: Kozhikode, Kerala

Manju and anil’s three children played with mine and I spent long afternoons combing everyone’s hair for lice. yes, one of mine brought a Delhi variety with her. I met the baby goats in the area, and all of anil and Manju’s extended family that live up and down the hill, and also the monsoon when it came obliterating the paths that wove through the surrounding jungles. My youngest ate 15 bananas one afternoon, while I stared off into space. We slept at night, all in one bed, and I read aloud from akbar and Birbal and satchidanandan’s Stammer. We read till the solarpowered lights switched themselves off. afterward, we listened to the dark. We woke up one morning to a frog, brick-sized and as still, staring from across the room.

I wrote a letter to a friend while I was at Buena Vista. It was full of the drama of crossing from Karanataka into northern Kerala, of the elephant herd that faced us down on the road. I wrote nothing else that month.

The novel I finished two years later has its share of baby goats, and Manju’s twoyear- old runs through its pages, making the ‘soooo’ sound he imagines a plane makes, a game he has probably outgrown since.

From Tehelka Magazine, Vol 7, Issue 21, Dated May 29, 2010

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The Treehouse Fellowship
Mridula Koshy Delhi-based writer and author of a collection of short stories called If It Is Sweet

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