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From Tehelka Magazine, Vol 6, Issue 16, Dated Apr 25, 2009

Harmad Isn’t Even A Dictionary Word’

CPI(M) responds to the adivasi struggle with determination to downplay its importance

Eighty kilometres from the unfurling movement in Lalgargh sits chairperson of the Left Front and the CPI(M) Secretary Biman Bose. Speaking to SHRIYA MOHAN at the CPI(M) headquarters in Kolkata, he says that his party’s strategy this election is to ignore the growing unrest between the adivasis and the West Bengal state police.

Who are the harmad vahini? Why did they fire on Madhupur?
That was not the CPI(M). We are not connected with this. And what is the meaning of harmad of CPI(M)? It is not even a dictionary word. I can say the harmad of Chatradhar Mahato is creating trouble inside Lalgarh.

When people call the police for help, they don’t come.
This will continue till the election, because they want to get some dead bodies. That is the practice of the Trinamool Congress and their outfits pre-election. But the West Bengal government has decided not to give them any dead bodies and show a sense of patience. But patience also got some limits.

Why would Trinamool Congress want this?
Mahato is a non-tribal like me. The media has glorified him as a tribal leader. He was the president of TMC in a part of Lalgarh and is now the leader of the so-called PCAPA. This is how TMC creates its outfits, it’s typical.

But Lalgarh has been predominantly Jharkand Party for the last 25 years, not TMC.
Jharkand Party has always maintained a close liaison with the Congress. Last time TMC also supported Jharkand Party. So, casually some Jharkand Party members joined TMC, some joined CPI (Maoists). It’s all their game plan.

Why has development not reached non-CPM areas in West Midnapore?
That area was a Jharkand Party Panchayat. They do not spend money, they eat money!

What about compensation to the families of the people who got shot at Khas jungle?
I didn’t know this. I will enquire.

Why is Salboni, where the landmine blast happened, not being investigated? Why have all your arrests been targeted at adivasis living in Lalgarh and Madhupur, when it was 50 km away?
The blast was done through a remote control from a place near Lalgarh.

Did you find the people behind the landmine blast?
I do not know. That is the job of the administration. I want an answer, who did all this? It’s the police’s job to investigate. Why was the investigation prevented by these people?

How will you ensure a peaceful election in these areas this time?
We just want to ignore it! Minus those 22 booths, we can still win. We just want to ignore. You may write it. We are not going to move around with the headache of 22 booths.

From Tehelka Magazine, Vol 6, Issue 16, Dated Apr 25, 2009

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