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‘The UP chief minister is back in slumber’

An eminent lawyer who has earned a reputation for fighting causes, not mere cases, KTS Tulsi was enraged with the exposé. He offered to file a Public Interest Litigation in the Supreme Court. Excerpts from an interview with Harinder Baweja:

You reacted as soon as you saw the film, The Price of Insanity and felt strongly about filing a PIL. What are the points that stood out for you?
I thought you had proved what any litigant in a court of law would not be able to prove. That kind of conclusive, clinching evidence is just not available. The doctor was caught red-handed on camera and there were testimonies from the husbands and the wives they admitted to have dumped.

The Agra SSP is now saying that they have not registered an fir as video recording does not amount to evidence in court.
The police is known to file cases on source reports. If he is refusing to take cognisance, we will put that in our petition.

What are the demands that you will be making in the PIL?
The pil will ask for a registration of the case. Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mulayam Singh Yadav, who had promptly ordered Dr Gupta’s suspension, is obviously back in slumber. That’s good for us. It gives us a better foothold in court. We will request the Supreme Court to monitor the investigation and seek damages. We will make the state government liable for statutory negligence because they are supposed to constitute the Mental Health Authority. The Guptas seem to have flourished on innocent victims and the state has done little about it. We will demand a compensation of Rs 1 crore for each victim. I want to convert it into a public law liability claim.

What about the husbands who were willing to pay money to certify their own wives insane?

The husbands too are liable. They are party to forgery and fabrication of a document that was then used in the court. They are culpable. I am going to Agra with a team from the National Commission for Women and we will soon be ready with the pil, which I hope to take straight to the Supreme Court

July 17, 2004

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