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Death Of A Salesman And Other Elite Ironies
By Tarun J Tejpal
India's elite should start getting its hands dirty so they can get a clean country Read >>

Is Kali A Wimp?
By Shoma Chaudhury
Poison is difficult to swallow; easier to let it spill. For swallowing, Shiva is revered as the Blue-Throated One Read >>

What's Pakistan Thinking?
By Ayesha Siddiqua
There is a concern about being dragged to the UN. But the government could secretly want the multilateral route Read >>

A Nelsonian Eye
By Vice-Admiral (Retd) Mihir Roy
Coastal security lacks coordination Read >>

There is no dividend in short-term responses
By Shoma Chaudhury
Political scientist Pratap Bhanu Mehta warns our public institutions are crumbling, leaving us with nowhere to run Read >>

'It was murky — like a Fredrik Forsyth plot'
By Shriya Mohan
Sociologist Dipankar Gupta says lapses in the media, the NSG, and politics result from a lack of professionalism Read >>

'An NDTV audience can't work a democracy'
By Parvati Sharma
Sociologist André Béteille says India will not benefit from devaluing the political class, or attacking soft targets Read >>

'Crimes are transformed into moral acts'
By Shoma Chaudhury
Philosopher SN Balagangadhara sees terrorism functioning like a multinational firm, with local franchises Read >>

'Mumbai attacks are a godsend for the Hindu rightwing'
By Ejaz Haidar
The world is now paying the price for having made Pakistan the frontline against the communist aggression in Afghanistan
Read >>

'Surely, we are changing. Even in our stupidity we are getting wiser'
By Shoma Chaudhury
Filmmaker Jaideep Sahni says that instead of blaming the politicians for the Mumbai debacle, it's time that we took the blame upon ourselves for not making them accountable
Read >>

A State In Denial
By Irfan Husain
Most Pakistanis use history to justify the presence of jihadis in their country but conveniently forget that, more recently, the army and the ISI have been using them Read >>

When The Worm Turns
By Radha Kumar
Even the most skeptical of Pakistani policy analysts agree that cooperation to investigate leads in Pakistan is a must Read >>

Will India Declare War On Terrorism?
By Sujay Sood
The Americans were prompt on declaring a war on terrorists and those who harbour them after 9/11 Read >>

The Saint, The Criminal And The Terrorist
By SN Balgangadhara
To fight terrorism and the ideology of crime, politics needs to retain its ethical moorings Read >>

The Ghosts of Terrors Past
By Rafia Zakaria
The aftermath of Mumbai attacks has already seen a call for the political and strategic measures once triggered by 9/11
Read >>

Learning From The Mumbai Tragedy
By Rohan Gunaratna
India should lead the Asian charge against terrorism Read >>

‘Tougher laws will not prevent attacks’
By Tusha Mittal
Major General ( Retd) VK Singh, who served in RAW for four years is of the view that the military has been neglected while making national security decisions Read >>

It’s time to keep national security issues away from politics
By Rajeev Gowda
A section of Indians vilified the Maharashtra ATS and its redoubtable leader, Hemant Karkare, for doing their job well, just because they zeroed in on perpetrators of terror who happened to be from a particular religion Read >>

Mumbai: Lessons For The Future
By Raman
I was shocked to see on television that the top police officer with the most threats had not been given protective gear tailor-made for him Read >>

Reaction time: 3.5 minutes. And heads rolled
By Sanjay Goel
An emergency drill in Saudi Arabia shows the meaning of being prepared Read >>


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