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Freedom's Sentinels
A democracy must protect rights, not muzzle free speech

Nine Years After The BMW
There is an awakening among people who have lost their loved ones. A desire to fight READ »

'I pray that some day I will sleep without seeing those hands in my dream' READ »
In The Name Of God
By Vijay Simha
The consequences of lessons taught by men of religion, among the desperately poor in Orissa

»Hindutva's Violent History
Angana Chatterji


Understanding Kashmir
The Need Of The Hour Is Statesmanship
Abhishek Singhvi
There is no reason why we should not create a borderless J&K on both sides of the Line of Control READ »

Change: Notes On Survival
Slip Sliding Away
Praful Rao
Landslides threaten thousands in Sikkim and Darjeeling READ »

The Take:Rock On!!
Roll over Beethoven
Saloni Puri
It tugs you at your heartstrings, you care about what happens to the protagonists, you enjoy the music and you come out warm and fuzzy

In Cold Blood
'I like the way Hitler worked on development'
By Rana Ayyub
MNS President Raj Thackeray tells that he is not really gainst North Indians READ »

Yet Another Scapegoat?
By Srawan Shukla
A conviction in the Varanasi blasts is based only on the statements of the investigators READ»

The City & Citizen
'Political parties are driving our land scams'
By Anastasia Guha
Architect Charles Correa discusses how our cities are out of control


Secularism: A Myth?
By Syed Ali Safvi
While the government wants the Pandits back in Kashmir, the refugees from Jammu are ignored READ »

Fight Against AIDS

Making Inroads

By Betwa Sharma

No Respite

By Gladson Dungdung

Police Corruption
Fall From Grace
By Rana Ayyub
The sacking of encounter specialist Pradeep Sharma on charges of corruption lays bares the police-criminal nexus



» The Kashmir Conundrum
By Harinder Baweja
Bihar Floods
» A River's Rage
By Anand ST Das

Oil & Gas
Oil Over The World
By Shantanu Guha Ray & James Bray
Indian companies chart the globe to secure oilfield assets READ »

Cross-Border Terrorism

Crossing Over

By Devika Bakshi
» Rich Tea and Sympathy
By Shantanu Guha Ray

Through The Looking Glass
A Hitchhiker's Guide To An Alien Culture
By Anshumani Ruddra
The generation gap may have deepened into a ravine but all is not lost for the modern parent READ»



» Shy Moon, High Tide
By Tusha Mittal
Interview: Paro Anand
» 'I'm the voice of the underdog'
By Shriya Mohan

Crime Control
Undercover Watchdogs
By Madhu P Kishwar
Why the 'eyes and ears' programme of the Delhi Police will fail to combat terrorism




Former Manipur & Nagaland Governor VK Nayar defends AFSP Act

By Teresa Rehman

The Law


50 Years Of Armed Forces Act

By Teresa Rehman



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