MAJ. GEN. MURGAI: He has no role to play in this.
TEHELKA: No role?

MAJ. GEN. MURGAI: And…and I'm telling you. Like you…. Today I'm telling you, don't be disappointed later on. Like you, hundred people are visiting them with the same proposals. Hundred.

*  *  *

TEHELKA: Sir, if you are close to Pradhani…that Defence Production Minister…of Defence Production Prahdani, R.P. Pradhani. That Shiv Sena…

MAJ. GEN. MURGAI: He's not Pradhani. He is Hiren Pathak.
LT. COL. SAYAL: Pathak.

TEHELKA: Only one minister for state? Sir, if you are close to him. We can give him some election fund also.
MAJ. GEN. MURGAI: I will introduce him.
TEHELKA: Introduce him? Okay.

*  *  *

In the end, of course, Major General Murgai pockets his first advance.

LT. COL. SAYAL: I told you something to take care.
LT. COL. SAYAL: How much is this?
TEHELKA: Twenty.

MAJ. GEN. MURGAI: That is okay.
TEHELKA: No, please….

MAJ. GEN. MURGAI: Let me see how the things go.
LT. COL. SAYAL: It is nothing, sir. This has to be given. Give…
TEHELKA: 9.30, sir.
LT. COL. SAYAL: 9.30.

*  *  *

The next day General Murgai introduces us to Shukla, the Personal Secretary to Minister of State Harin Pathak. The Ketan Shukla line wasn't pursued vigorously by West End because of the resignation of minister Harin Pathak. However, getting an order from the Indian Army is not just greasing the army and the politicians. The finance guys also have to be kept in good humour. Brigadier Sehgal puts us through to Narendra Singh, Additional Finance Advisor, Ministry of Defence, to brief us on how things move in the maze of the babu number-crunchers. In the first meeting, Singh accepts Rs. 10,000 as a token advance. He advises West End where to concentrate on and says that things in the finance world will move only when the product has been accepted.

NARENDRA SINGH: So...but initially what I think is that your...first of all, your product should be tried out by infantry or artillery and they should say, you know, they have seen the product and it is very good.

NARENDRA SINGH: That is regarding user trials.
TEHELKA: So what I have to do first? Already this channel is okay.

NARENDRA SINGH: I...I...you know, I can give you some references.

NARENDRA SINGH: Once you meet them officially, you explain them your problem.
TEHELKA: Sir, that Ranjit Issar in the Ordnance is very crucial factor.

NARENDRA SINGH: No, no...see, I am telling you that these people, what you are talking is Bhutani, Bunker or Ranjit Issar or...I will give a parallel line in the finance division. They will come into picture only when there is a procurement proposal. Before that they have nothing to do.

NARENDRA SINGH: They are concerned only with the procurement of things. Before that necessity and acceptability of the product has to be there. They should say, you know, that what you are offering in technology-wise or performance-wise this is a improvement over what we have already seen.

NARENDRA SINGH: So some...and then how to get you entered into the competition.

Deputy Secretary Narendra Singh emphasizes time and again that in the long chain of people required to be greased, General Choudary was the first link. He advises West End to concentrate on getting the product trials going.

NARENDRA SINGH: I give you one example, then you will know the terms. There is one more very established company - Sagem.
TEHELKA: Which one?

TEHELKA: Sagem. Which...foreign company?

NARENDRA SINGH: Foreign company. French company.

NARENDRA SINGH: For the last five years they are trying that their product should be seen by the army. They have not been successful.
TEHELKA: Not yet?

TEHELKA: What is the problem?

NARENDRA SINGH: And they have a office in Delhi.
TEHELKA: Uh-huh.

NARENDRA SINGH: One General-level officer has been posted here.
TEHELKA: General?

NARENDRA SINGH: One General-level officer has been posted here.
TEHELKA: Retired?

TEHELKA: In the Indian Army?

TEHELKA: Indian Army?

TEHELKA: French Army.
NARENDRA SINGH: Hmm. He is been posted here. They have a office in Golf Links. All that, I mean, Colonel Sehgal will, of course, not be aware of these things because his department is different.

NARENDRA SINGH: So it is not very easy...to get an entry is not very easy. You see...your principals are which company?
TEHELKA: West End.


NARENDRA SINGH: I know, I know...no...actually I had...actually when you compared yourself with Thomson and all that, I started thinking that way. It is not that way. It is off-the-shelf. It is different entirely.
TEHELKA: It is different.

NARENDRA SINGH: So they will...I know now...now I know what will they do is this emergency requirement.
TEHELKA: It's emergency requirement.

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