MEHTA: …no, liaison in a way also reflects something…
TEHELKA: Yeah, yeah, yeah, but they don't know that one. They given this kind of…

MEHTA: You can make public relation, sales promotion; there can be so many designation.
TEHELKA: No problem.

Mehta takes his gold chain gift.

[The camera frame moves to L M Mehta and General Murgai. Tehelka journalist gives Murgai a box in which there is a gold chain to present to Mehta.]

MEHTA: No, no, no, no, nahin, nahin.
MAJ.GEN. MURGAI: Sir, this is nothing.

MEHTA: What shall I do with? This.
MAJ.GEN. MURGAI: Sir, there is nothing sir.

[Murgai places the box under the table.]

MEHTA: Please, no.

[Mehta picks up the box]

MAJ.GEN. MURGAI: Should we leave? Sir, this is…
MEHTA: Please keep this back.

[Camera shift to give the full view of the sitting room.]

TEHELKA: No, no, please.
MEHTA: No, no, it is okay.
TEHELKA: Nothing, sir.
MEHTA: Nahin, nahin this is not good.

*  *  *

The above was the first meeting with Mehta. Meanwhile, very interestingly, Gen Choudary rang a representative of West End asking for some help in lobbying with a CVC official who was examining a corruption case against him. In this last meeting with Choudary, he relents more or less. West End tells him he will get five or six lakh rupees initially.

MAJ.GEN.CHOUDARY: One thing you should be clear in your mind. As I explained to you last time, this is not a one-man show.

TEHELKA: Yes sir. That I know very well sir…
MAJ.GEN.CHOUDARY: So what you must do is, start contacting somebody from the ministry. You might be having contacts there in his office. From then you start pushing things to us. You see results in even if you are not there. Works are very…. See if you have already contacted the minister There is no need .

TEHELKA: No need right? That… that is what I am asking, that is what I am asking. Already I have met Jaya Jaitly and Rajiv Goba.
MAJ.GEN.CHOUDARY: See if you are already there, Then… then there is no need for you to go elsewhere.
TEHELKA: There is no need. Right? This I want to… I want to know from you, sir. MAJ.GEN.CHOUDARY:: They are the main people.

MAJ.GEN.CHOUDARY: No problem…I will approach you and say this is the response.
TEHELKA: Okay… all right. There is no problem. I have already given the message today. They can send five or six [lakh] . Okay Sir, I am moving.

[Both get up and start moving. Tehelka journalist follows Choudary who shows him the way to the gate. Both exchange goodbyes]

*  *  *

Surendra Sulekha makes a demand of Rs 10 lakh to get the evaluation
letter issued from Gen Choudary little knowing about our own lobbying
efforts with the General. General Murgai explains to West End about
Surendra Singh's new demand.

MAJ.GEN.MURGAI: But, Now let us see like this. On Saturday, Surinder Singh was there.

MAJ.GEN.MURGAI: … and he was trying to contact me, I was not available…
TEHELKA: I don't have his number.

No, no. He was trying to contact me. I was not available. And then around 5 o'clock when I came home, I came to know that he was there in Delhi. Then I spoke to him. He said he was leaving this same evening. And he made it very clear. He said, "Unless the payment is made in advance, I will not do the job." And secondly, he said that he has already paid 3 more lakhs to Jaya Jaitly. Okay? That's what he told me.

TEHELKA: He is lying
MAJ.GEN.MURGAI: No, no, see what…

TEHELKA: This entire picture you know that he created a hoax.
MAJ.GEN.MURGAI: Just a minute. He said and he said, now I will charge 10 lakhs...

MAJ.GEN.MURGAI [continuing]: ...In total and get the letter reissued in 24 hours. Okay? Then I told him that , "Look, you have a word with Samuel ." That is the reason I ring you up on mobile. You picked up and switched off. Okay? Then I told him. "Surinder," I said, "He has switched off the mobile. I'm not able to contact him." So he said, "Okay, then I am leaving for Kanpur. You can talk to him. If he pays 10 lakhs…." He says three he has paid from his own side for they were in need of funds. He wants to recover. Okay? And the payment will be in cash. That is exactly what he told me. The reason is…that is the reason I said, "He speaks to me, I speak to you. It is better that we all sit together. Then we have a direct talk." That is the reason I tried to contact you.

TEHELKA: He told me that what was the equation on that day.
MAJ.GEN.MURGAI (interrupts): Accha, now another…

TEHELKA (continues): What was the equation?
MAJ GEN MURGAI: Another thing he told me. He said, even the previous payment, he has not made for you.

MAJ GEN MURGAI: The matter is finished. Now the question arises, leaving aside him, who is the person who can give the evaluation letter ? Let's understand it. Amongst ourselves, who do you think who can issue the letter?

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