To round up things now. To get an invitation for field trials for West End HHTs it was important, as mentioned earlier, that Major General Choudary was on West End's side, which he was. What Choudary needed was some direction from the ministry urging him to go forward in the case of West End as he had earlier blocked the evaluation for many other companies saying it wasn't needed anymore. Next, is our meeting with Additional Secretary L.M. Mehta, who proved invaluable in giving that cover to Choudary.

MAJ. GEN. MURGAI: Sir, there is one UK-based company. West End International.
MEHTA: Accha.

MAJ. GEN. MURGAI: It's a multinational spread over…
MEHTA: Hmm hmm

MAJ. GEN. MURGAI: …various countries.
MEHTA: I see!

MAJ. GEN. MURGAI: Their basic range is they are making electronic products….
MEHTA: Hmm, hmm.

MAJ. GEN. MURGAI: …and electronic testimonials…
MEHTA: Hmm hmm.

MAJ. GEN. MURGAI …rest they have got these night-vision devices.
MEHTA: Okay.

MAJ. GEN. MURGAI: Okay. And now they are spreading their tentacles…trying to come over to various countries including India…

MAJ.GEN. MURGAI: …i.e. they have made a beginning.

MAJ. GEN. MURGAI: So, in due course of time they want to…
MAJ. GEN. MURGAI: …he is representing them.

[Tehelka Investigative Team member gives his calling card to Mr. L M Mehta]

TEHELKA: Sir, it is written the liaisoning…but I am not a liaisoning…but I am the chief representative of this company. I am the staff of, I am a employee of this company.
MEHTA: Hmm, that is good.

MAJ. GEN. MURGAI: So, he is trying to now carry out a study ki what all we can portray it in the commercial market. And, whatever we could bid, tell them as the requirement occurs. That he carrying out a study and…the…

MEHTA: What is the product range?
TEHELKA: Which one, sir.

MEHTA: Product range.
MAJ. GEN. MURGAI: Product range. What all…
TEHELKA: What we have…
MEHTA: Yeah.

TEHELKA: Sir, we have a tank navigation system…
MEHTA: Achha.

TEHELKA: And that is smart ammunition, and some very typical type of bombs....

MEHTA: I see.
TEHELKA: So, a lot of products, we are supplying NATO countries also.


MEHTA: So you must remain on their payroll.

MEHTA: You should be employed.
TEHELKA: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

MEHTA: This...you are an agent and nobody would allow you.
TEHELKA: No, I am not a agent.

[Tehelka journalist laughs]

MEHTA: Obviously
TEHELKA: Yeah, yeah, sir. I am a share…

MEHTA [interrupts]: It should be on the records also.
TEHELKA: Sir, I am a shareholder of the company.

MEHTA: That's still better.
MAJ. GEN. MURGAI: Actually, he is not a technical…

TEHELKA [interrupts]: Sir, I don't know any technical things.
MAJ. GEN. MURGAI: So, at the moment…

MEHTA [interrupts]: No, you should acquire some designation like Director.
TEHELKA: Yeah, yeah… like that…

MEHTA: Sales or something, that public relations also…
TEHELKA: Yeah, yeah.

MEHTA: Because that would give you that the sounding status instead of chief liaison officer.

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