A breather here before we go for the sprint. Let's get an overview of the profession of defence middlemen in India, from Colonel Berry who in his nine years of 'liaisoning' has worked with all the big players.

TEHELKA: You've been in the liaisoning field for how long?
LT.COL. BERRY: For about nine years now.

TEHELKA: Nine years?

TEHELKA: So where all…you just take me through those nine years?
LT.COL. BERRY: See, I'll tell you…

TEHELKA: And the biggest deals that you have done.
LT.COL. BERRY: Yeah, yeah, I'll just do a …

TEHELKA: Briefly, yeah…
LT.COL. BERRY: Basically…this is the main thing…I mean…

LT.COL. BERRY: …how we are going to proceed…

LT.COL. BERRY: …and which are the ways and means of doing the things.

LT.COL. BERRY: See, basically, initially I started with Mr. Vipin Khanna, whom you wanted to meet also.
TEHELKA: Okay. Khanna, yeah, yeah.

LT.COL. BERRY: Yeah. Because there are only three-four names which rotate around here. Because it is very secretive and, you know, one has to be very, very cautious also in this field. Mr. Vipin Khanna, Chaudhary and Nanda. These are the three names which you'll always hear.
TEHELKA: Mathew was telling about a Mr. Sahni.

LT.COL. BERRY: Hmm? Listen. See, these are first rung. I'm talking about the first rung. First rung is these three. Then after that second rung, you know…
TEHELKA: Vipin Khanna, Chaudhury and…?
LT.COL. BERRY: …and…and Suresh Nanda.

LT.COL. BERRY: Yeah. And then in the second rung, you know, people like Sahni, Gupta, even R.K. Gupta's brother. Those guys are there.

LT.COL. BERRY: There is a Pichoria also there. There is…there are plenty you know just trying to make their…

LT.COL. BERRY: …I mean at least giving an impression as if they are number one and all that. So this is that. So I started my thing basically with Mr. Vipin Khanna.

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