JAYA JAITLY: In the interest of the nation. So that we'll ensure that they don't neglect you.

JAYA JAITLY: After that, it's up to you and your product.
TEHELKA: That's all. That's all we're expecting…that's all.

MAJ. GEN. MURGAI: So let's go?
TEHELKA: That's two lakhs. Two lakhs.[referring to the money Tehelka journalist has handed over].

[Jaya Jaitly nods]

SURENDRA SULEKHA: Thank you very much.
JAYA JAITLY: Thank you very much.

*  *  *

After the Jaya Jaitly meeting, Surendra Sulekha and General Murgai wait
for their pound of flesh at Murgai's home. Both are expecting Rs. 1 lakh each. While we give Surendra Sulekha his share of the money, for he would be important in the next step of getting the evaluation order issued, we postpone
the giving of the money to Murgai.

[Tehelka journalist takes out the money and gives it to Sulekha]

TEHELKA: Sir, this is one lakh. Count it, that.
SURENDRA SULEKHA: No, it's okay. You will go...

TEHELKA: I'm sorry that I couldn't able to…train that...he said he'll come at six o'clock. So I waited there. You know that Krishna Saini? We are there? I couldn't able to wire transfer the money. I don't know that how to...you had asked me to bring it in an envelope, so why didn't they allow me to bring the briefcase inside?
SURENDRA SULEKHA: Because of the security reasons...they have cameras and everything...

TEHELKA: There is no camera inside this.
SURENDRA SULEKHA: We have to be very, very alert. Otherwise you get questioned immediately.


MAJ. GEN. MURGAI: You organise your things a bit.
SURENDRA SULEKHA: You should always keep a packet in a packet. Don't give like this. This will impress him.

[Tehelka journalist puts the money in plastic bag]

TEHELKA: You are not given...that....
SURENDRA SULEKHA: When you give somebody sweet, no...why do you pack it?

TEHELKA: Yeah, yeah.

MAJ. GEN. MURGAI: Now the question is what are they wanting?
TEHELKA: Yeah. Sir, if you will do both, you can do entire thing. I will leave the...

TEHELKA: I will, you know...you know you are telling that. I will leave the...

MAJ. GEN. MURGAI: That is all right. But the point is, you still not understood. Who's got to give the clearance? I feel Choudary is well within his capability to take up the evaluation.
TEHELKA: And he...I told you no, so he need the...some reference for...if…

MAJ. GEN. MURGAI: Reference from where?
TEHELKA: If RM [Raksha Mantri] is... RM will...

SURENDRA SULEKHA: You give letter of copy of RM. You will get…
TEHELKA: I will give you a copy.

SURENDRA SULEKHA: That is my job, I will get it. I will get it done.
MAJ.GEN. MURGAI: We will get it done.

TEHELKA: If that RM will sign that "Go for evaluation", he will do.
SURENDRA SULEKHA: Yes, I will get it done.

TEHELKA: And he will short-list the company also, he told me.
SURENDRA SULEKHA: No, that is his...that is his...

MAJ. GEN. MURGAI: That is his.
SURENDRA SULEKHA: I can only talk about this evaluation.

MAJ. GEN. MURGAI: My dear sir…
SURENDRA SULEKHA: I can only talk.
TEHELKA: One thing I will ask. If I will give letter to Gen. Murgai tomorrow, when you can do?
SURENDRA SULEKHA: Within 10 days.

*  *  *

Now, that we know the real face of one of India's ruling political parties, alongwith that of the BJP, let's put the spotlight on to a crucial phase of West End's efforts to bag the HHT order where General Murgai (Retd.) was the lynchpin. He went to Major General Choudary's office and invited him over for dinner to meet a West End representative. Choudary, being under surveillance, was reluctant to come to a five-star hotel. At the dinner in Murgai's house the ice with Choudary was broken. Initially, as in later meetings, General Choudary kept asking for West End's product range so that he could provide a helping hand in a product other than Hand-Held Thermals where things had reached a stage of an impasse as far as West End was concerned. He also accepted a gold chain as a small gift and promised to have a detailed meeting about a week later.

MAJ. GEN. CHOUDARY: Has your company ever participated in defence work?
TEHELKA: No, sir.


MAJ. GEN. CHOUDARY: They just want to...?
TEHELKA: Just for start.

MAJ. GEN. CHOUDARY: What is the position of...what's in the deal?
TEHELKA: Sir, that specification and magnification, that I will give you...that I will give you.

MAJ. GEN. CHOUDARY: Not there?
TEHELKA: Yeah, that I will give you.

MAJ. GEN. CHOUDARY: Anyway, as I said...this is a no-go case.

MAJ. GEN. CHOUDARY: No point going through with it. I believe in total honesty that if somebody asks me for advice, I tell him, "Do this and then do this". Because there is no way you are going to get it.
TEHELKA: Sir, what is the reason?

MAJ. GEN. CHOUDARY: You see, we have already bought one-third of our requirement on hand-held…from one or two sources.


MAJ. GEN. CHOUDARY: Now this involves...it's not just buying a TV set. It requires tomorrow's maintenance; requires spare parts.
TEHELKA: That is true...quite right.

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