TEHELKA: When you can arrange the meeting, sir?
SURENDRA SULEKHA: I will ask her today.

TEHELKA: Okay. You have my number?

MAJ.GEN. MURGAI: All right. Then in that...
TEHELKA: Make it in a hotel. That is good. I don't want to come here if you're not coming.

MAJ. GEN. MURGAI (pointing to Sulekha): He's got a house in Noida.
TEHELKA: Okay. She will come there?

SURENDRA SULEKHA: Either at my house or George Fernandes' house.
TEHELKA: That official house?

SURENDRA SULEKHA: Official house.

SURENDRA SULEKHA: She will meet you just alone only. Nobody else will be there.

SURENDRA SULEKHA: You can talk as much as you want.
TEHELKA: You…you'll be there?
SURENDRA SULEKHA: I'll be there. I'll be there with you.

*  *  *

There's a small wait at Defence Minister George Fernandes's house for 'discussions' with the President of the Samata Party, Jaya Jaitly The meeting has been organised by Surendra Sulekha and General Murgai is also there.
The sequence begins with Sulekha asking for the Rs. 2 lakh token money
due to Jaya Jaitly for the first face meeting. On this occasion we are
carrying two camera devices so that in the event one of them
malfunctions, we have a back-up.

[Surendra Sulekha walks in]

SURENDRA SULEKHA: Packet is where?
TEHELKA: Packet…that money's in the briefcase.

SURENDRA SULEKHA: That you take in this hand. That give to me because…I'm handling that matter.
TEHELKA: Okay, okay.

[Sulekha looks up, calls to someone, presumably to take the briefcase.]

TEHELKA: No, I will take, I will take. You take one envelope.
SURENDRA SULEKHA: Okay, you just give it. Give that…

[Tehelka starts taking out money from the briefcase and wrapping it in a newspaper. Sulekha now comes clearly into the frame, bending down.]

SURENDRA SULEKHA: You want coffee or tea?
TEHELKA (continues wrapping): No, that's okay.

SURENDRA SULEKHA: Our director…it will not look nice.
TEHELKA: No thanks.
SURENDRA SULEKHA: Not look nice. Just…cover it.

[He turns around to check the door.]

TEHELKA: No, I will cover it. Just put it.

SURENDRA SULEKHA: Let's take it.

[Tehelka journalist gets up and prepares to follow Sulekha out.]

TEHELKA: That also I want to show her?
SURENDRA SULEKHA: What is the need for that?

SURENDRA SULEKHA: Madam, he is Mr. Samuel.

[Tehelka journalist folds hands in a greeting]

TEHELKA: West End…
SURENDRA SULEKHA: He's dealing in electronics and...

SURENDRA SULEKHA: I am also joining them.

SURENDRA SULEKHA: Now they'll be starting something with the Defence. He's brought something for the party.

[Jaya laughs]

TEHELKA: So I'm from Kerala.

MAJ. GEN. MURGAI: I have been telling him for a long time. I told him, "You maybe a specialist in textiles, but now you must diversify into electronics."

*  *  *

JAYA JAITLY: Till now, luckily I don't think too many people have become too enamoured by that. Till now everyone was going to IT [Information Technology].
TEHELKA: Yeah. People are interested in it.

MAJ. GEN. MURGAI: I'm talking venture capital in IT only.

MAJ. GEN. MURGAI: See, those people who have made lot of money in…
TEHELKA (proferring the packet of money, interrupts): Can I…can I give it to madam?

[Tehelka journalist gives the package to another man standing to the right of the screen and folds hands. Jaya Jaitly acknowledges the gesture.]

MAJ. GEN. MURGAI: This company…
JAYA JAITLY: Please send this to our minister…Mr. Srinivas Prasad.

JAYA JAITLY: He is the…hosting the National Council.

TEHELKA: Okay, okay, okay. Okay.
JAYA JAITLY: We have two days where about 500 to 800 people will be going.

TEHELKA: Okay, okay, okay.
JAYA JAITLY: The National Council elects the National President….

JAYA JAITLY: That is a once in two-year affair.

JAYA JAITLY: And a new executive…the whole internal elections of the party finishes and democratically a new president is elected.

TEHELKA: Okay, okay, okay.
JAYA JAITLY: So that process…

[Tehelka journalist laughs and the rest of Jaya Jaitly's sentence is inaudible]

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