TEHELKA: No, tell me that. I want to know about him. He told me he is a big shot.

*  *  *

Here Sathyamurthi talks about the Sukhoi deal. He confirms the involvement
of R.K. Gupta, Sudeep Chaudhary and Bangaru Laxman in the deal. And says that Bangaru Laxman has 5-6 different foreign accounts.

TEHELKA: Okay, fine. That's fine. My boss yesterday also asked Mr. Bangaru…about you. I can fix the deal with my…officers can fix the deal with Mr. Sathya. He said, "Yes". Now Mr. Gupta told me he done the deal of Sukhoi-30 in India. That is true?

TEHELKA: Gupta told me. It's a big deal, na?
SATHYAMURTHI: They were here about a month back. Sukhoi. Nobody knows that in my office. They know that some delegation has come.

SATHYAMURTHI: Because myself and Mr. Laxman, we operated...

TEHELKA: That Sukhoi very well....

SATHYAMURTHI: We operated very…nobody, nobody can smell.
TEHELKA: Okay, fine.

SATHYAMURTHI: That's what you've seen in our office, you know we're very normal.

SATHYAMURTHI: It's like a very small needle behind that kind of a congested place, and we are very cautious.

TEHELKA: That money entire…go to the party?
SATHYAMURTHI: Yeah. Even the money, what you giving, we give it to the party. We won't take it.

TEHELKA: No, Mr. Gupta, he said. Yesterday Mr. Bangaru told me that he will give his overseas accounts also.
SATHYAMURTHI: That is a second part. I'll tell you.

TEHELKA: He told me that "I will give the overseas." You have any accounts overseas? I can open an account for you.
SATHYAMURTHI: I'm doing it in London now.

SATHYAMURTHI: I've told my friend.

TEHELKA: Is very fast. It will not take time. That is a big benefit for….

*  *  *

TEHELKA: The Sukhoi, party got how many percentage?
SATHYAMURTHI: It's a good job.

SATHYAMURTHI: It's a good job. More than seven, nearly eight per cent.

TEHELKA: Seven, eight per cent. You got? How much you got?
SATHYAMURTHI: I am quite happy!

TEHELKA: Sukhoi is a historical deal, baba!

TEHELKA: 34,000 crores of rupees. So did Mr. Gupta get?
SATHYAMURTHI: Gupta is also involved.

TEHELKA: Gupta…and Sudeep Chaudhary also involved?
SATHYAMURTHI: He is not, he is not the only one. It is a group work. It is teamwork.

TEHELKA: That Mohinder Pal Sahni involved?

TEHELKA: He was?

TEHELKA: Really?
SATHYAMURTHI: Yes, I have a…he and him. I have not met him. I have not met him. Because I am not close to many people.

TEHELKA: Yeah, Mr. Mohinder Pal Sahni approached me a lot of times. He will do the work through Mr. Bangaru, like that. See, I am an Indian, I am not a foreigner, I can come and directly meet you. If I will give Mr. Gupta for a Rs. 10 lakh. He will not give 10 lakh to your boss.
SATHYAMURTHI: Not necessarily. Actually I will tell you.

SATHYAMURTHI: It's only…we have a very good hold on this. What yesterday I was telling you.

SATHYAMURTHI: Because after P.V. Narasimha Rao, he is the only South Indian who is involved in this.

SATHYAMURTHI: And this kind of deals in India only South Indians can do. Nobody else can do.
TEHELKA: That is true! True fact.

SATHYAMURTHI: We do in a very systematic way and we are the trusted people. Maybe our charges may be one or two per cent higher than…
TEHELKA: Yeah! Yeah!

SATHYAMURTHI: But we don't cheat people.
TEHELKA: No, no. You know, if we can go through one or two percent, that is not a problem. I am telling very frankly. But our work should have the best.

SATHYAMURTHI: First we'll short-list it. And this, if you give him the dollars today…so that your, your credibility will increase.
TEHELKA: Okay, today I'll give the dollars.

SATHYAMURTHI: Okay. Security money.
TEHELKA: $31, 500 I will give you.

SATHYAMURTHI: It's six o'clock, he'll be free.
TEHELKA: Hmm. Yeah.

SATHYAMURTHI: I'll make sure that he meets you there…10-15…you know. You meet Bangaru-ji. Depends on his suggestion. If it is necessary, we can…

TEHELKA: Mr. Bangaru, how many accounts in foreign? One or two?
SATHYAMURTHI: He must be having five, six.

TEHELKA: Five, six?
SATHYAMURTHI: Different places.

TEHELKA: In his own and party? In his own? Fine. In Swiss bank, there is no problem, we can transfer any time. We can have, we can have…wire transfer.
SATHYAMURTHI: What I was planning to do…actually I was supposed to go to Thailand last week.

TEHELKA: Okay, okay.
SATHYAMURTHI: During that time I was supposed to do that.

Now, to go back in time and bring you up to date about where West End
had reached with some of the other channels it had opened. Major General Murgai (Retd.) had suddenly assumed a very key role as far as West End was concerned. He was going to be the person to introduce West End to Jaya Jaitly, Major General Choudary of Weapons and Equipment, and L.M. Mehta, the additional defence secretary. Gen. Murgai himself was being motivated at sufficient intervals with sums of around Rs. 25,000 and the promise
of future employment with West End at a dollar salary. Here Gen. Murgai is introducing West End to Surendra Sulekha, an industrialist from Kanpur,
who has strong links with the Defence Ministry. Sulekha has been supplying clothing to the Indian Army for the last 20 years and is close to Jaya Jaitly, president of the Samata Party.

MAJ.GEN. MURGAI: Come, I am bringing together two industrialists…

[They all laugh and shake hands]

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