BANGARU LAXMAN (continuing): And government, through us.

[Sound of door opening and closing]

TEHELKA: Yeah, no, no.

BANGARU LAXMAN: Therefore, I will….
TEHELKA: Okay, but who'd be the main person we deal with? I mean, would you give us a point man? We will deal with him.

TEHELKA: Is Sathya okay?
BANGARU LAXMAN: No, not Sathya.
TEHELKA: Not Sathya? Okay.

BANGARU LAXMAN: We will, I will give you…

BANGARU LAXMAN: Let me get in touch with those people. I will tell you tomorrow. I will find out from my treasurer and I will let you know.

*  *  *

TEHELKA: Okay. So should we meet again tomorrow? Possible? Some time tomorrow?
BANGARU LAXMAN: Yes. You will ring me and then you come?

TEHELKA: Yeah? It will be more convenient. We were supposed to convey some money today and as you can understand my problem…getting dollars was a little hassly and we didn't get it the way we want. So is it possible that I could come tomorrow with the dollars?

TEHELKA: Yeah? So what time around? Should we give you a call and come?

TEHELKA: So, will you get that piece of information by tomorrow?

BANGARU LAXMAN: I hope so. At least the system…
TEHELKA: At least the system, the whole general picture of it.

TEHELKA: I'm told you have possibilities of becoming the first Indian Dalit Prime Minister. Is that true?

[Pause; Laxman laughs]

TEHELKA: Then we'll meet tomorrow, right, sir? Thanks a lot, thank you…it was a very nice pleasure meeting you.

*  *  *

Two days later, after we are ducking all calls from Bangaru Laxman's office and, comically, from Bangaru himself asking where the money is, we meet up with Sathyamurthi to sew up the final deal. Sathymurthi, incidentally, had come
to meet Alvin D'Souza at his suite in a five-star hotel asking for his share of the bounty. Here, Sathyamurthi is convincing us about the efficacy of the
Bangaru Laxman channel for our lobbying purposes. He tells us he will be
taking us to meet BJP treasurer Ved Prakash Goyal and, most importantly,
tells us that Bangaru even handled the Sukhoi deal with a cartel of middlemen. Both Bangaru and Sathyamurthi are interested in cutting R.K. Gupta,
the RSS trustee, out of the deal.

TEHELKA: So, if that, Bangaru's channel will operate it, haan? There is any conflict will start?
SATHYAMURTHI: No, nothing. Nothing.

TEHELKA: No problem at all?
SATHYAMURTHI: Absolutely no problem.

TEHELKA: Yesterday Mr. Bangaru given the impression that the defence work of BJP is doing Mr. Brajesh Mishra.

TEHELKA: Through him he will do? You know any…anything?
SATHYAMURTHI: There's all one team, I'll tell you. Mr. Laxman, Brajesh and the man who looks after our financial things.

SATHYAMURTHI: We are supposed to meet our financial man today. After we meet Bangaru-ji also. He'll tell the same thing, "You go with Sathyamurthi and deliver the thing there."

TEHELKA: Who's he?
SATHYAMURTHI (continuing): That we'll decide. And I'll meet him now. Because to meet you only I came here. Because I cannot talk from the office. You know that well.

TEHELKA: Okay.Tell me very frankly, what I have to…to meet whom? No, you are taking me...but what is his name?

TEHELKA: That you're going to introduce.
SATHYAMURTHI: No, no, it may not be necessary also.

TEHELKA: Otherwise I will not come.
SATHYAMURTHI: No, no, he is our…one Mr. Ved Prakash Goyal.

SATHYAMURTHI: Ved Prakash Goyal.
TEHELKA: Ved Prakash Goyal. He is a…

SATHYAMURTHI: He is a treasurer of the party nowadays.

SATHYAMURTHI: And in the end we taken Gupta…R.K. Gupta.
TEHELKA: Okay, okay. Gupta is playing the game he started.

SATHYAMURTHI: Yes. Yesterday I discussed it with my treasurer. He asked me to screw him and…
TEHELKA: Gupta is…Gupta's phone…I had reached Delhi. When I entered into Delhi… I got four times Gupta's call.

SATHYAMURTHI: Don't pick up.
TEHELKA: If he will create any problem, that is not my mistake. I'm telling you that is the mistake of you and your boss.

SATHYAMURTHI: He will not create any problem. Because his thing is in it. He is in our hands.
TEHELKA: That is good.

SATHYAMURTHI: He won't do any mischief.
SATHYAMURTHI: He cannot play mischief with us.

TEHELKA: No, he done lot of deals, that is true, through Mr. Bangaru. He has done lot of deals…in defence deals.
SATHYAMURTHI: I know, nobody else knows that in my office.

SATHYAMURTHI: That's what…

TEHELKA: But he told me that he will give the money to Mr. Bangaru also, party fund also.
SATHYAMURTHI: And he has to give, he has to give ultimately.

TEHELKA: Okay.What he done the last big deal? Can you give any information?
SATHYAMURTHI: No, that I cannot tell.

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