TEHELKA: That is not missile. That is a system.
R.K. JAIN: Again, I just do my job. How do I do? The scientific advisor is also on the above of George Fernandes now. He gave me one crore rupees. "You keep it with you. Whether this order is being done or not done, I don't care. But I want to give it to the party. You give it and please try and help me. Money is not a problem." I went and paid…. I told Jaya Jaitly, "Look, so much of money he has already given to me now. If you accept it, that means we have to do something for the party. If you don't accept it, well, I'll go and give it back. But only accept it when we feel that we can do something. Otherwise, he won't say anything to me, but he won't feel good. He won't feel nice." She said, "Give me time for two days." She kept the money. After two days, she says, "I've spoken to the boss. Don't worry. He said he'll make everything fine." The file was called. He wrote on the file: "Vikrant is our main ship, is the main vessel."

TEHELKA (interrupts): That's your aircraft carrier?
R.K. JAIN: Yeah. "Pakistan has the surface-to-surface missiles. And our ship is very well equipped because we have…air landing…air take-off…."

R.K. JAIN: (continuing): "We can't leave this ship, you know, like this. So in my suggestion, in my view, at least one system should be purchased. And put on our main vessel."

TEHELKA (interrupts): That is INS Viraat also. He can give that to….
R.K. JAIN: Yeah, yes, INS Viraat.

TEHELKA: Yeah, INS Viraat.
R.K. JAIN: Yeah, not Vikrant. INS Viraat. Sorry.

TEHELKA: This is for INS Viraat.
R.K. JAIN: INS Viraat. And he told me, "Look, Mr. Jain, I'm doing it, I'm overruling the comments of the scientific advisor, so it is not good to allow seven pieces in one go. Because we have seven ships. Naval...real seven ships who are real fighters. But tell your company that they should try and push from the down level. That after one is approved, 'No, no, we can't do with one. All ships are very important. Please allow us to buy all seven.' Then I'll give them the permission to buy and purchase the rest of the six." Same thing happened after six months. The file went to the boss again because Nanda managed to, you know, from the bottom he managed to get a letter in the name of George Fernandes, that "This is very important. Without this we can't survive." So….

TEHELKA: So Mr. Kalam took the money?
R.K. JAIN: No.

TEHELKA: Not Kalam?
R.K. JAIN: Not Kalam. Kalam, because see Kalam was overruled by George Fernandes.

TEHELKA: Okay, okay.
R.K. JAIN: So…

TEHELKA: How much was the deal worth?
R.K. JAIN: 560 crore. Eighty crore was one piece. The deal is still going on. The PNC is going on. It's not yet through. The final negotiation is going on.

TEHELKA: The percentages are decided, is it?
R.K. JAIN: Yeah. At least what my party is going to get, what I'm going to get…it's all been decided.

TEHELKA: Three per cent. Is it?
R.K. JAIN: That three per cent to the party.

TEHELKA: Okay, okay.
R.K. JAIN: But for myself also…

*  *  *

In an explosive revelation, R. K. Jain continues to spell out the incredible corruption and compromise of the Indian defence at the highest level. He
explains how the actual monetary transaction takes place in a defence deal,
and how much money he has made for Samata Party - so far - Rs. 50
crore, for himself a rather substantial sum of Rs. 10 crore. In the beginning,
he speculates about whether the Prime Minister forwarded some of the
Sukhoi fighter aircraft money to George Fernandes.

TEHELKA: That's right. G…G…George Fernandes had nothing to do with it? Okay?
R.K. JAIN: (nods his head): Maybe the PM must have got some money and forwarded to George Fernandes also. That I…that I…

TEHELKA: Forwarded it to you and not to him?
R.K. JAIN: Not necessarily because sometimes they have given the…

[Both laugh]

TEHELKA: You normally use Zurich or which place?
R.K. JAIN: No, I normally…for this kind of transactions, I normally use a different man...a third man.

R.K. JAIN: See I'm only concerned…like I talk to somebody in Delhi.

R.K. JAIN: He will come and sit with me. He will give me the guarantee of that amount, which I'm giving it to him in his account.

TEHELKA: Abroad?
R.K. JAIN: I have a guarantee here.

TEHELKA: Okay. Bank guarantee?
R.K. JAIN: Not bank guarantee.

TEHELKA: Verbal guarantee.
R.K. JAIN: Verbal guarantee with one or two common friends…

R.K. JAIN: …so that he can't get away.

R.K. JAIN: As soon as the money is transferred, we show him the slip. The money is being transferred.

TEHELKA: Then he gives you the equivalent in Indian rupees.
R.K. JAIN: Then he gives…

R.K. JAIN: That's the way they do it. Sometimes my brother needs money abroad. All right? Then I push it to my brother's account.

TEHELKA: Okay. Which is the biggest transaction you have done?
R.K. JAIN: I've done the Sultam.

TEHELKA: How much was it worth?
R.K. JAIN: That was 600 crores. Three per cent for me.

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