TEHELKA: Operation. Which is in infantry…hardcore infantry…?
MAJ. GEN. SATNAM SINGH: Yes, basically from the infantry. But then you know, we keep on changing our roles. Today I'm operational commander, tomorrow I may be on staff.

*  *  *

A little time after the meeting Colonel Berry explains the
significance of the meeting with General Satnam Singh.
Berry was there the whole time alongwith Major Singh.

LT.COL. BERRY: If you shake hand, it is shaken forever. Otherwise, people will say "sorry". Like he told you that first thing is for them resolution. He has given you a feeler already that "Look, if your resolution is okay, you are okay." Absolutely. Because on resolution, he cannot force…cannot compromise.

*  *  *

Elsewhere, the brew is simmering. After hearing a lot of talk about R.K. Jain, treasurer of the Samata Party, being the briefcase man of George Fernandes,
we at West End decided that a direct approach was called for. The series of meetings with R.K. Jain proved to be a goldmine of information about past and present defence deals. It incriminates beyond redemption Defence Minister George Fernandes and the Samata Party. Jain was conned by emphasizing
the size of West End as a group, the contributions it would make to the
Samata Party fund and to Jain's own coffers. An introduction to Jain.

R.K. JAIN: I am the national treasurer, I have given you the card. The treasurer is close to the boss because for money matters he has to talk to the treasurer only. Even if he talks to 10 others, he has to talk to the treasurer.
TEHELKA: Bilkul, naturally.

R.K. JAIN: Please consider that it is not hidden from the treasurer that the party is getting money. Money is withdrawn when I pass the cheque, when I sign it. And why should I lie? I would take money only in lieu of work done for you.

*  *  *

Jain explains what his role will be for West End. He also goes on to narrate
the details of one of the first defence deals that he did for Samata party, when
the party had no money and had just come to power. Suresh Nanda of the
Crown Corporation paid them Rs. 1 crore for help in getting the order of
250 Armoured Recovery Vehicles for a Slovakian company.

R.K. JAIN: Armoured recovery vehicle was my first case which I did it for Slovakia.

R.K. JAIN: When George was Defence Minister for the first time[ gestures] . After one year, then he became another Defence Minister.
TEHELKA: Yeah, yeah.

R.K. JAIN: This is I am talking about the first time when he became the defence minister. As soon as he became the defence minister, after six or seven months…

R.K. JAIN: Suresh Nanda approached me for armoured recovery vehicle. He was the agent for the Slovakian company.

TEHELKA: What was the product?
R.K. JAIN: Armoured recovery vehicle.
TEHELKA: Oh! Yeah, yeah.

R.K. JAIN: There were 250 vehicles were there. The tender was worth say 250 crores.

R.K. JAIN: There were two…three, competitions - Slovakia, Czechoslovakia and there was a company from Poland.

R.K. JAIN: Boomer.
TEHELKA: Yeah, yeah, that jet plane and everything.

R.K. JAIN: Nanda approached me. Czechoslovakia's price was the lowest, second Slovakian, third was the Poland.
TEHELKA: Haan, Haan.

R.K. JAIN: He said, "I will give you one crore rupees in advance…"

R.K. JAIN: "You get disapproved the last one…Czechoslovakia because they are so lower that we cannot match their price."

R.K. JAIN: "If you can push him out. Delegation is going on to the…delegation has been ordered to go to Czechoslovakia. Stop this delegation, and technically reject this company. Here are the documents."

R.K. JAIN: "By which it's proved that this company is closed for the last two years. They will start only after getting this order."
TEHELKA: Yeah, yeah.

R.K. JAIN: "I will give one crore rupees. And I will give you…if they are technically disapproved, then you are my agent."

R.K. JAIN: "For this particular…perks…and I will give you so much of commission."

R.K. JAIN: I said, "Fine." He gave me the correspondence. I took the correspondence to George.

R.K. JAIN: And he said, "All right, I'll reject it." He is a very intelligent man. Next day he called Rajiv Goba.

R.K. JAIN: He said, "Ring up to this Indian Embassy in Czechoslovakia and find out whether this company is closed for the last two years or not."

R.K. JAIN: And he rang up. It was closed.


R.K. JAIN: He told me, "…said the company is closed for the last two years. There is no point of a delegation to go. And therefore this company is technically disqualified."

[Jain's phone is ringing.]

TEHELKA: Okay, it is manipulated.
R.K. JAIN: He wrote straight away on the file himself. He never goes and orders to a Joint Secretary. He wrote it himself, and sent the file back. Nanda gave me one crore rupees. He called me, "Yes, Mr. Jain, the file has come down. Like you know George…"
TEHELKA: Yeah, yeah.

R.K. JAIN: "The file is down, my work has been done, I am very happy. You take your one crore rupees." I said, "Fine, give it to me."
TEHELKA: Yeah, this kind of work.

R.K. JAIN: After that…

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