LT.COL. BERRY: And this is another company which is…. The shoulder-fired anti-tank this thing Carl Gustav for 85 crores.

TEHELKA: Carl Gustav?
LT.COL. BERRY: Yeah. From Sweden.

TEHELKA: When was this?
LT.COL. BERRY: That was long back. Because he has been in this line for quite some time. From here, there…you know. And then Quartain of Australia. This was a small one. Five million radio sets were there. That he did. Then SG…SGT Sweden. NSG rifles for 15 crores. So basically, you know, 10, 15, 85, 100 and…

TEHELKA (interrupts): NSG was sniper rifles?

*  *  *

Major Singh emphasises the importance of the trial evaluation report
of the ultimate product. Says he, "If the end user says it is unfit
for the Army's use, who are you to say that you are good?"

MAJ. S.J. SINGH: Because as I…to start with I mentioned to you the grassroots level, you have to take care. Then you have to take care of middle levels. For example, this item of yours…it is…the trials are carried out at different levels. Now the most important agency in this becomes the trial report.

MAJ. S.J. SINGH: That is there…. Of course, many other factors are there. But the most important technical factor is your trial report. Now if you do not take care at the trial level, whatever connections you may have, you'll never go through.

MAJ. S.J. SINGH: I guarantee that.
TEHELKA: Which is basically, they say that you are sub-standard, then you're sub-standard.

MAJ. S.J. SINGH: Not sub-standard. If the end user says it is unfit for our use, who are you to say that you are good?

MAJ. S.J. SINGH: I am the end user. And if I have to trial, then I have to say and certify that okay this meets my QR or it meets my requirement. Only then it is worth going further. Further negotiations will only take place once the basics are cleared.

MAJ. S.J. SINGH: So that is one stage which is a very, very important stage. And that is from where short-listing takes place. Because there will be more than one item or offer to be tested. And now, on a small thing, he can say very clearly, "Yes, fine. Everything is good, good, good. But this is not so-and-so like so-and-so." That's it. You are out. So that so-and-so is now the qualifying mark.

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