MOHINDER PAL SAHNI: We want to beat them.

[Someone knocks on the door and Sahni talks to him]

TEHELKA: Then can you…can you…sir, we can work out Bangaru line also.
MOHINDER PAL SAHNI: I can. Hundred per cent. Not even ninety-nine. Let's not talk blah-blah. We should work…if tomorrow we fail even in the technical end…

MOHINDER PAL SAHNI: …there is no use talking to Bangaru.

TEHELKA: Yeah. Okay.

MOHINDER PAL SAHNI: I have to make a full case, draft a letter, make a note…why you should be taken.
TEHELKA: Okay, hmm.

MOHINDER PAL SAHNI: ...and he coins

MOHINDER PAL SAHNI: …that tomorrow the note comes from the ministry.

MOHINDER PAL SAHNI: …that "Nothing doing, these products are better," you are out.

MOHINDER PAL SAHNI: Let me first say why you…I should be entertained.

MOHINDER PAL SAHNI: Then Bangaru line is hundred per cent.

MOHINDER PAL SAHNI: I have to prepare a note. On the paper I should be Napolean.
TEHELKA: Okay, okay.

*  *  *

Meanwhile, Colonel Berry is showing some entrepreneural spirit. He brings
Major S.J. Singh (Retired) to meet West End in a five-star hotel hoping to take away a client from Mohinder Singh Sahni. Major Singh is a smooth customer.
He was involved with Bofors in the beginning in its deals in India around the
time that the company acquired its notorious reputation. Major Singh makes
a very interesting arms dealer. He starts off very colourfully. He has no
qualms about calling himself a 'fixer'. In the beginning he states how he
got a laser-guided bomb, which failed 5 tests out of 6, cleared.

TEHELKA: Sir, I met you that day.
MAJOR S.J. SINGH: Yes, we hardly spoke to each other. I was only listening and not speaking out.

TEHELKA: Okay, okay. Sir, where are you staying in Delhi?
MAJ. S.J. SINGH: I stay in Gurgaon. DLF.

LT. COL. BERRY: He'll be able to handle the whole thing. You have the choices. You can ask him whatever you want to ask for that.
TEHELKA: Sir, recently you've done any big deal.

MAJ. S.J. SINGH: I keep doing for others. I am, basically, you can call me a fixer. I will use a very crude word but that is what it is. Okay? Like when you are in trouble you come to me and I sort you out…your problem. When he is in trouble, he comes to me and then I have my friends at different levels. I have friends in the ministry, the bureaucracy, I have friends in the ministry, the politics side. I have my friends in the defence services whether it is army, navy, air force. And then I have friends at the junior level which give you information. So that's how things work…the last work where we met last time I did for him.
TEHELKA: For Mr. Sahni.

MAJ. S.J. SINGH: Yeah, there was a deal of Krasnopol. That was 150 crore deal I…. It was organised by me. I got everything sorted out. It was fixed up
TEHELKA: In the Defence?

MAJ. S.J. SINGH: In the defence. I am talking in the defence. It was a Russian missile. Bomb. This is laser-guided bomb. It was not being cleared and…
TEHELKA: Due to what?

MAJ. S.J. SINGH: Various reasons. Firstly, out of six tests, it was only one test which was successful. Five test failures. Then the bureaucracy was not at all in favour of it. They were totally against it inspite of pressure from some angles. So these were the various reasons and there were options available to them from French people, from Germany, but, ultimately, we were able to push it through as for the Russian…and now it is a repeat order.

TEHELKA: This is called smart ammunition something?
MAJ. S.J. SINGH: Yeah.

TEHELKA: Same thing.

MAJ. S.J. SINGH: Krasnopol is the name of the bomb.
TEHELKA: The bomb will go around 14 lakhs.

MAJ. S.J. SINGH: The total deal was of 5,000. It was 150 crores. Now the fresh order will be again. There are lot of problems, but again because of my friend…because this is being used by the artillery.
TEHELKA: This will be used for the Bofors.

MAJ. S.J. SINGH: Various guns…so it depends on the charge now…Another bomb which is being propagated.
TEHELKA: Same American company?

MAJ. S.J. SINGH: No, no, one is Krasnopol…is Russian. The other is from South Africa. Now the South Africans are pushing it through their agent. So my job is not only to block that, but to see that the repeat order is given. Now we are waiting for the terms to be cleared as to whether if I do this job how much will you give me. If that understanding takes place we will clear this project. If it doesn't take place, someone else will take it. It is as simple as that…mathematics is very simple.

*  *  *


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