LT.COL. BERRY: Can fit into…
KALIA: …and get into the next lot.

LT.COL. BERRY: Next lot.
KALIA: Do not interfere with what has happened so far. Talk about the next lot. You should come into that, whatever evaluation…new piece…

MOHINDER PAL SAHNI: So we will put pressure for it. If it doesn't become final. Behan chod, so we will put pressure on him this way if it is not…we will get the orders. When the next one will come, then the inquiry will start on it.

MOHINDER PAL SAHNI: And do you have any idea whether the government will take out a fraud one or not.
KALIA: I'll tell you.

KALIA: He is basically himself involved in it.

LT.COL. BERRY: Technical…technical I can tell you…
MOHINDER PAL SAHNI: Rest, whichever government is there that will take it out, that I will find out myself.

LT.COL. BERRY: All right. Okay. If that's the way you want to do, it's okay.
MOHINDER PAL SAHNI: No, no, I will tell him. But the question is in this he has no role. You try to understand this matter.

LT.COL. BERRY: All right. Okay.
MOHINDER PAL SAHNI: His role will come when he will handle this particular file. At this point of time, I wanted your advice…
LT.COL. BERRY: That technically…

MOHINDER PAL SAHNI: That this product is better than the competitors. You say "yes"…
LT.COL. BERRY: Technically it is workable.

MOHINDER PAL SAHNI: You are not understanding what I'm trying to say. Workable means it is at par. What they are claiming that minus 40 degree, whether it is…
LT.COL. BERRY: No, minus 40 is more than par but it is got to be put by them that it should be…this is what we want.
KALIA: How many pieces do they require which will work under minus 40?
LT.COL. BERRY: Yes, yes.
MOHINDER PAL SAHNI: Listen to me, isn't it Sukhwinder's subject?

LT.COL. BERRY: No, no.
MOHINDER PAL SAHNI: Once he came to me with some specific issues of his product. Do you remember that at that time you said it was his subject?
LT.COL. BERRY: No…technical… If I can…he'll also understand…no problem.

MOHINDER PAL SAHNI: No, why I am saying…
LT.COL. BERRY: Technically…

MOHINDER PAL SAHNI: …Probably it is not Signal's demand.
LT.COL. BERRY: No, this is not Signals. This is not Signals.

MOHINDER PAL SAHNI: This is not Signal?
LT.COL. BERRY: No, no.

LT.COL. BERRY: Bombay. It is…
MOHINDER PAL SAHNI: It is infantry…do they require?

TEHELKA: This is the infantry. They are the users.

TEHELKA: Shankar Prasad.
MOHINDER PAL SAHNI: So, then if he can…

KALIA: But Signal…person is included in the committee. That is all.
MOHINDER PAL SAHNI: No, but demand generates from…

LT.COL. BERRY: The infantry.
KALIA: Infantry.

MOHINDER PAL SAHNI: That's the main thing. So now we have direct access to Shankar Prasad. So then we…I can get you this kind of personal attention where he can push…
TEHELKA: Already Mr. Pant talked to Shankar Prasad this matter. He agreed…this is good thing. He agreed.

MOHINDER PAL SAHNI: Mr. Pant…you should get it from very high level. You should understand…

*  *  *

In another meeting Sahni talks about
approaching BJP President Bangaru Laxman.

MOHINDER PAL SAHNI: I will put you to Mr. Randhawa, who is my technical operator. Then he can advise us how to go about. You are agreeing?
TEHELKA: I agree.

MOHINDER PAL SAHNI: Then we can. We'll find a way. Once we play the game, we'll find some route. Sir, Bangaru's line also is excellent, hain?
PANT: You go side by side. Both.

MOHINDER PAL SAHNI: Bangaru's…trouble with him is…

MOHINDER PAL SAHNI: We have to pay money straight away.
TEHELKA: We can pay the money. No problem.

TEHELKA: Tell me how much?

MOHINDER PAL SAHNI: No, I will tell you. I can't say like this.
TEHELKA: Without money this won't be work out. Very frankly.

MOHINDER PAL SAHNI: The main thing is that, you have to give me the comparison of El-Op…
TEHELKA: Price-wise? Price list?

MOHINDER PAL SAHNI: No. Price is not the issue. The issue is the technical comparison. If we have to beat our enemy, we should know what we are doing.

PANT: Technical comparison. El-Op and CSF.
MOHINDER PAL SAHNI: And if your product is better…

MOHINDER PAL SAHNI: …you will enter into the game.


PANT: I'll get it from Tewari.
TEHELKA: Yeah, yeah.

MOHINDER PAL SAHNI: You've…your product is better?
TEHELKA: More and more better.

MOHINDER PAL SAHNI: Then I'm sure we can enter.


PANT: Hmm.

MOHINDER PAL SAHNI: Then we'll have very big business.
PANT: Hmm.

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