R.K. GUPTA: How much commission do we pay to each person? The complete equipment bill is 12 to 15 per cent. But 50 per cent they take back.

R.K. GUPTA: With Russians that is the practice. They take back 50 per cent.
TEHELKA: Take back?

R.K. GUPTA: They have Swiss accounts or other accounts, wherever…they channelise and all.
TEHELKA: The Russian accounts, everything, is in dollars or Indian currency?
R.K. GUPTA: In dollars.


R.K. GUPTA: For our expenses, they were opening LCs for us.

R.K. GUPTA: They will import something from here to their country at a little higher price so that our margin is…

*  *  *

Of course, R. K. Gupta wasn't the only middleman in the Sukhoi aircraft
deal. A mysterious gentleman by the name of Sudeep Chaudhary was
the main broker in the Rs. 36,000 crore fighter aircraft deal. More of
him later. Our next stop will be Mohinder Singh Sahni, Consul General
of Belize and resident of Vasant Vihar. Pant takes us to him.
In the beginning Pant talks about the deals Sahni has done.

PANT: …six crores that was…924 crore. That was the biggest deal he made.
TEHELKA: 924 crore that was the Czechoslovakian deal.
PANT: Czechoslovakian deal. Skoda.

MOHINDER PAL SAHNI: Pipeline and other things.
TEHELKA: Pipeline…it is a defence deal?

PANT: No, pipeline. Petroleum and Natural Gas and all…
TEHELKA: That is what that Oman, that Oman, that pipeline of…

PANT: Gandhidham, he used to go. GAIL, Gas Authority Of India. He used to go to Gandhidham, Gujarat, Jaipur and all those places.
TEHELKA: He is going to be, paid for also in that dealing.
PANT: 924, 26 crore only was there.

TEHELKA: This man was the mediator?
PANT: Haan, he is the man basically, who got it done.

PANT: That's how he got the money for his farmhouses and all this everything. Twenty crore was paid.
TEHELKA: Twenty-four crore.

*  *  *

In a subsequent meeting with Sahni when West End was lobbying with
him to become their middleman, he sets up an internal evaluation
meeting of West End's products, comparing them with the specifications
of their competitors. Sahni himself has more than a dozen top
ranked army officers on his consultancy rolls.

LT.COL. BERRY: Whatever he is saying is right that way and things are workable.
MOHINDER PAL SAHNI: If we put a political pressure…

LT.COL. BERRY: Exactly, exactly. We'll talk about these things tomorrow. First you talk.
MOHINDER PAL SAHNI: That talks will be done, that is our internal matter. Your technical advice is that this product can beat others.

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