R.K. GUPTA: Like for now, you will not give one crore or two crore.
PANT: Give one or two, that's it. Let's say one.
TEHELKA: One. One crore.

R.K. GUPTA: It's the first order. First take the order and get them under your thumb. Then…first you give more, then you give less.

Within the RSS, Gupta's known as a 'super' trustee. His proximity
with both Prime Minister Vajpayee and L.K. Advani is lore. Both
have been tenants at his properties. He has also helped establish
the RSS headquarters in Jhandewalan, Delhi, in 1967.

R.K. GUPTA: With this party, we have built their RSS headquarters in '67.

R.K. GUPTA: Delhi. In '67 I spent more than 50 lakhs of rupees to build that headquarters.
TEHELKA: In '57?
R.K. GUPTA: '67.

TEHELKA: '67. In Jhandewalan?
PANT: Jhandewalan.

R.K. GUPTA: It's built by me.

R.K. GUPTA: It's built by me. Free-of-cost.

R.K. GUPTA: We know anybody there…you go there and say, "Who made this? It's very good. Who made it?" And they will tell you, "It was made by Raj Kumar, a RSS worker, free of cost." And they tell this to everyone.

R.K. GUPTA: They're telling this to everyone.

*  *  *

R.K. GUPTA: In Emergency, I gave…given them one crore 10 lakhs when nobody was even prepared to listen to telephone calls. And 500,000 dollars. In London and USA.

R.K. GUPTA: And became the sole trustee of Friends of India Society International. This is a society floated by me. I'm still sole trustee. When you come to me, I will take you to BJP. You will see how…see how they respect.
TEHELKA: Okay, okay.

TEHELKA: You are basically from RSS?

[Gupta nods]

PANT: He's the trustee…

R.K. GUPTA: You have to have this big heart [makes a gesture] if you want to work. This much I can guarantee you, your money will never go waste. I only take personal responsibility.
TEHELKA: Thank you, sir. Thank you.

R.K. GUPTA: Because I can force them.

R.K. GUPTA: I can also slap on the face if they don't do the work. If it's not paid back, I will have to pay the money. I will pay, don't worry.
TEHELKA: Sir, I have full faith of you. Hundred per cent faith.

*  *  *

R.K. GUPTA: Monday evening I will be on your work. But you have to have some money.
TEHELKA: Okay, I have

R.K. GUPTA: You know…[now explains along with hand gestures]…"Sir, this is five lakh rupees."

R.K. GUPTA: When I do the work…I put 20-25 lakhs in my pocket…

R.K. GUPTA: I will just go and give to these…. Like Defence Secretary…five lakhs…[dismisses with hand gesture] Then Ved Prakash Goyal. Five lakh rupees for the party. "Can I take this work, sir?" Then I go to Bangaru Laxman. You just give them for no work. There are people who don't even….
TEHELKA: We have to give…Bangaru Laxman ?

R.K. GUPTA: No, not Bangaru Laxman. Ten lakhs is too less. I will give to Defence Secretary.

R.K. GUPTA: Then Ved Prakash Goyal, treasurer of the party.
TEHELKA: Okay. Treasurer of the party?

R.K. GUPTA: Treasurer of BJP.

PANT: Ved Prakash Goyal.
TEHELKA: Okay, Brajesh.

R.K. GUPTA: Not Brajesh…
PANT: Ved Prakash.
TEHELKA: Okay, Ved Prakash.

R.K. GUPTA: Brajesh's price is one crore. I don't want to go to him with money.


R.K. GUPTA: We will handle them. Don't worry.

R.K. GUPTA: You keep Rs. 20-25 lakhs ready. Then blast your work.
TEHELKA: Okay, sir.

*  *  *

At a later meeting, Gupta discusses the modalities further.
He admits to giving the BJP 3-4 crores every month.

TEHELKA: No, I am telling that, because we have already spent more than 45 lakhs of rupees.
R.K. GUPTA: That is your job. We are spending crores.

R.K. GUPTA: Come to the office, then you will know how much expense we're maintaining.

R.K. GUPTA: Bangaru, I can walk in any moment I like.

R.K. GUPTA: Do you think I will take you and then give…?
TEHELKA: No, no, sir, tell me, how do I transfer the money? Tell me?

R.K. GUPTA: Hmm. You give the money to me, I will give it to him…
TEHELKA: Okay, okay.

R.K. GUPTA: …at my leisure and whenever I think opportunity is right.

R.K. GUPTA: As I keep on giving every month.

R.K. GUPTA: …almost three-four crores.

TEHELKA: Sir, I have to give twenty-five to your hand?

R.K. GUPTA: Yeah. And you tell me the work also. So that we have to do the work properly.

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