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Vol 9, Issue 40, Dated - October 06, 2012
By Ashish Khetan
The game. The players. And why the BJP-Shiv Sena is silent on this mega NCP-Congress irrigation scam in Maharashtra. Ashish Khetan investigates READ »

The plunder under his watch
Vol 9, Issue 39, Dated - September 29, 2012
By Ashish Khetan
Chhattisgarh is blessed with natural resources. But the only people who seem to be profiting from the state’s bounty are BJP CM Raman Singh’s cronies. Ashish Khetan investigates READ »

Where do the missing children of Delhi go?
Vol 9, Issue 34, Dated - August 25, 2012
By Priyanka Dubey
Into forced farm labour in western Uttar Pradesh, finds Priyanka Dubey READ »

Coal Spill
Vol 9, Issue 32, Dated - August 11, 2012
By Ashish Khetan
By choosing to look the other way, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh yielded to vested interests who looted the country of its valuable natural resource. Ashish Khetan on how inaction bred corruption READ »

Jailhouse Rock
Vol 9, Issue 25, Dated - June 23, 2012
By Ashish Khetan
Uttar Pradesh CM Akhilesh Yadav had promised a regime without criminals. Three months later, some of the most dreaded ganglords in the state are strolling in and out of prison as they wish. Ashish Khetan exposes a disturbing trend READ »

Ghost of Fake Encounters Comes Back to Haunt Gujarat. Top Cops Under CBI Scanner
June 08, 2012
By Rana Ayyub
A CBI progress report on the four fake encounters of 2004-2007 in Gujarat establishes what TEHELKA has been saying all along. Now, senior policemen and IB officials face arrests in these cases, says Rana Ayyub READ »

How the rich are destroying Corbett & Kaziranga
Vol 9, Issue 19, Dated - May 12, 2012
By Ratnadip Choudhury and Jay Mazoomdaar

Guilty. Not guilty. Guilty...?
Vol 9, Issue 18, Dated - May 05, 2012
By Ashish Khetan
The CBI has been shifting position on Mulayam Singh Yadav’s disproportionate assets case, based on the UPA’s political cues. With the presidential election on the horizon, this case could become pivotal. Ashish Khetan tracks the curious political game READ »

The rapes will go on
Vol 9, Issue 15, Dated - April 14, 2012
By Abhishek Bhalla and G Vishnu
In a two-week long investigation, Abhishek Bhalla and G Vishnu spoke to more than 30 senior cops in the Delhi-NCR region. More than half had shockingly ugly views on rape victims. This is the face of law exposed. How can the system effect justice through men like these? READ »

The manufacturing of dangerous lies
Vol 9, Issue 12, Dated - March 24, 2012
By Ashish Khetan
The killing of noted crime journalist Jyotirmoy Dey and the events following it make for one of the most bewildering stories of our time. On paper, the Mumbai Police have “solved” the case. But scratch the surface and what emerge are mere theories, so perverse and sinister that they warrant an urgent intervention at the highest levels. Ashish Khetan reports READ »

The case against the AG
Vol 9, Issue 06, Dated - February 11, 2012
By Ashish Khetan
The case against A Raja might collapse if the questions about Goolam Vahanvati’s role in the 2G scam remain unanswered. Ashish Khetan explains why READ »


The Madness in the CBI’s Method
Vol 8, Issue 52, Dated - December 31, 2011
By Ashish Khetan
A year into the high-profile telecom scam, selective chargesheets and investigations place the CBI in dubious light and raise questions about its fair play and efficiency. Ashish Khetan dissects the latest chargesheet and the questions the agency needs to answer READ »

NREGA Lines Pockets. Not of the Poor
Vol 8, Issue 49, Dated - December 10, 2011
By Abhishek Bhalla
Captive job cards. Fake bank accounts. Coercion by pradhans. In Uttar Pradesh, ingenious methods are employed to deprive the poor of MGNREGA benefits, reports Abhishek Bhalla READ »

Highway Robbery
Vol 8, Issue 43, Dated - October 29, 2011
By Ashish Khetan
There is corruption beyond the 2G scam. India’s highways and road construction projects are mired in multi-million financial scandals. Ashish Khetan exposes the builder-official nexus that plagues our roads READ »

The sacred and the profane. All rolled into one
Vol 8, Issue 36, Dated - September 10, 2011
By Ashish Khetan and Sai Manish
Kanchipuram temple manager Sankararaman was killed by hitmen inside the Varadaraja Perumal temple seven years ago. All the key witnesses in the case have turned hostile. Ashish Khetan & Sai Manish investigate an unholy nexus READ »

Delhi’s posh Hotels are Five-star Defaulters
Vol 8, Issue 35, Dated - September 03, 2011
By G Vishnu
Eight hotels in New Delhi owe the government Rs 516.19 crore in lease dues, but nobody is in a hurry to collect the money. G Vishnu uncovers a scam in the heart of the Capital READ »

Where did Rs 8,500 cr of UP's health funds go?
Vol 8, Issue 33, Dated - August 20, 2011
By Ashish Khetan
Rs 8,500 cr in grants, and this is where women in UP are supposed to deliver their babies. You knew there was a scam. Now read the details. And be staggered. Fudged records. Imaginary mothers. Money stolen from the blind. Ashish Khetan exposes the ugly story of how health funds were embezzled under Mayawati’s watch READ »

Doctored Processes, Compromised Students
Vol 8, Issue 32, Dated - August 13, 2011
By G Vishnu
In July, TEHELKA exposed the rotten conditions at four private medical colleges.G Vishnu goes undercover to lay bare the truth at two more READ »

High profits of ghost hotels
Vol 8, Issue 29, Dated - July 23, 2011
By Ashish Khetan
Hotels, software, tourism, real estate, manufacturing — and money-laundering. The Panoramic Group ran a complex cross-country operation. Ashish Khetan digs up the evidence on a huge black money racket READ »

Medical Council of India: Where Munna gets his MBBS
Vol 8, Issue 28, Dated - July 16, 2011
By Etmad Khan and G Vishnu
The MCI denied approval to four private medical colleges in 2009-10. But within six months, they got the nod. Etmad Khan and G Vishnu went undercover to find what had changed. And stumbled upon a web of lies READ »

Hell in holy land
Vol 8, Issue 26, Dated - July 02, 2011
By Ashish Khetan & Manoj Rawat
In the battle between the sadhus and the mining mafia over the Ganga, the BJP government in Uttarakhand has repeatedly and blatantly taken sides with the latter. Ashish Khetan & Manoj Rawat Manoj Rawat uncover the murky story that led to Swami Nigamananda’s death READ »

Baba’s black sheep and the golden fleece
Vol 8, Issue 24, Dated - June 18, 2011
By Brijesh Pandey and Manoj Rawat
Ramdev and his aide Balkrishna seem to have spun an unholy empire using all kinds of means. Brijesh Pandey and Manoj Rawat reports from Haridwar READ »

Hello? Who will bell this cat
Vol 8, Issue 22, Dated - June 04, 2011
By Ashish Khetan
Much bigger than the A Raja-Kalaignar TV kickback is the Rs 700 crore that the Maran brothers got from Maxis. Ashish Khetan traces the money trail with Raman Kirpal READ »

Bluff Master Ali
Vol 8, Issue 15, Dated - April 16, 2011
By Ashish Khetan
Ashish Khetan scoops over 1,000 documents, including classified correspondence between Swiss bank UBS and the ED. These show the black money don may just be the biggest con. Ever. READ »

Cash-for-Votes Scandal: A trap. And a cover-up
Vol 8, Issue 13, Dated - April 02, 2011
By Ashish Khetan
The true story of one of the biggest scandals in recent Indian parliamentary history READ »

Whose Amicus Is Harish Salve?
Vol 8, Issue 10, Dated - March 12, 2011
By Ashish Khetan
Can the renowned lawyer do justice to the 2002 Gujarat riot victims while referring business deals to the Narendra Modi government? Ashish Khetan has the evidence of impropriety and conflict of interest READ »

Burn After Reading
Vol 8, Issue 09, Dated - March 05, 2011
By Ashish Khetan
If there was a “conspiracy” in Godhra, it was not by the Muslims. Ashish Khetan picks apart Judge Patel’s verdict and shows how a devious lie was constructed READ »

The House We blew down
Vol 8, Issue 07, Dated - February 19, 2011
By Gaurav Jain
The CBI had moved for closure. In a shocking twist, the court has formally charged the Talwars for murder. Read this and you will doubt the father killed the daughter. Gaurav Jain spent weeks unravelling the painful story of what we have done to Aarushi Talwar and her parents READ »

Fresh money trail emerges in 2G spectrum case
February 16, 2011
By Ashish Khetan
CBI thinks this might involve the ADAG, a Delhi realty group, and Shahid Balwa READ »

Who will pay for injustice done to these nine men?
Vol 8, Issue 04, Dated - January 29, 2011
By Ashish Khetan
Ashish Khetan exposes the elaborate and cynical charade of the Maharashtra Anti-Terrorism Squad to implicate a bunch of Muslim men in terrorist strikes aimed at members of their own community READ »


We broke into a poacher network and found one tiger is killed every two weeks…
Vol 7, Issue 51, Dated - December 25, 2010
By Manmohan Gupta and VK Shashikumar
The Indo-Nepal border. Dangerous men. Small hideouts. And rampant trade. Manmohan Gupta and VK Shashikumar spent two risky months in the field to capture poachers on camera. Will the government take action now? READ »

In the Court of the Father
Vol 7, Issue 50, Dated - December 18, 2010
By Brijesh Pandey and Kunal Majumder
The Allahabad High Court, India’s oldest and biggest, is awash with families practising in the same court, casting doubts over the impartiality of justice. Brijesh Pandey and Kunal Majumder investigate READ »

One for my officer, one for my boy...
Vol 7, Issue 48, Dated - December 04, 2010
By Jeemon Jacob
Land and property are coveted assets. So why are chief ministers allowed to give these away as favours? Jeemon Jacob tracks how Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M Karunanidhi has been using his quotas READ »

Servants. Drivers. Maids. Partymen. Every party CM gave them prime land under a dubious quota
Vol 7, Issue 48, Dated - December 04, 2010
By Imran Khan
Here’s a short list of those who benefited from a scam running into thousands of crores over 20 years. Imran Khan unearths the evidence in an open season of corruption in Bengaluru READ »

The Land of No Denial
Vol 7, Issue 47, Dated - November 27, 2010
By Rohini Mohan
It’s not just CM Yeddyurappa. Few politicians in Karnataka try to hide land fraud. The money is big, the greed is raw. Rohini Mohan finds how personal favours are written into the law READ »

Lost Children of the Prophet
Vol 7, Issue 36, Dated - September 11, 2010
By Neha Dixit
Madrassas are the cornerpiece of Muslim community life. In a disturbing twist, some of them are being used as transit shelters for child trafficking. Or worse, doubling up as sweatshops themselves. Neha Dixit reports READ »

So why is Narendra Modi protecting Amit Shah?
Vol 7, Issue 28, Dated - July 17, 2010
By Rana Ayyub
‘The calls made by the minister are not part of official decorum. Their frequency is unnatural and uncommon in nature.’ — Gujarat CID report on Amit Shah’s calls to encounter cops READ »

Half-life of the Coal Child
Vol 7, Issue 26, Dated - July 03, 2010
By Kunal Majumder
Not many know that the dangerous and suffocating rat mines of Meghalaya are worked by 70,000 child miners. Following them into hellish pits, Kunal Majumder exposes the dark veins of an exploitative industry. Photographs by Shailendra Pandey READ »

More Than A Pinprick
Vol 7, Issue 24, Dated - June 19, 2010
By Vijay Simha
A Sly Fudging Of Facts Is Pushing India Into Buying Vaccines Backed By The Who That May Have Killed Children In Other Countries READ »

Cash For Chaos
Vol 7, Issue 20, Dated - May 22, 2010
By Pushp Sharma , Sanjana and K Ashish
For the right price, you can get the Sri Ram Sene to organise a riot anywhere. An exposé By Pushp Sharma. Written By Sanjana. Additional Reporting By K Ashish READ »

An Uncivil Trespass
Vol 7, Issue 14, Dated - March 10, 2010
By Kunal Majumder
He Indian Army has grabbed 69 acres of prime private property in Pune, reports Kunal Majumder READ »

Presumed Guilty
Vol 7, Issue 10, Dated - March 13, 2010
By Brijesh Pandey
In The Third Part Of Our Series On The Dreaded Special Cell, Tehelka Profiles Two Kashmiris Whose Lives Have Been Destroyed By False Cases READ »

Coming To Grips With Freedom
Vol 7, Issue 09, Dated - March 06, 2010
By Brijesh Pandey
Last Week, TEHELKA published stories of four ordinary men branded as terrorists and jailed by the Special Cell of Delhi Police. Continuing with the series, Brijesh Pandey profiles two more “terrorists”, recently freed by the lower courts, who are struggling to overcome their trauma READ »

Terror That Wasn’t
Vol 7, Issue 08, Dated - February 27, 2010
By Brijesh Pandey
The Special Cell of the Delhi Police was formed in 1986 as a counter-terrorism force. It shot into prominence in the late 1990s, claiming to have killed many terrorists and to have solved several cases. In time, some of its officers began to figure in extortion cases and dubious encounters. Says noted lawyer Prashant Bhushan: “Unfortunately, whenever the courts have found that they [the Special Cell] have been framing people by fabricating evidence, they have not suggested any action to be taken. Unless they are punished very severely by law, police officers will keep on framing innocents as terrorists.” Tellingly, over the last four months, lower courts in Delhi have acquitted nine “terrorists” arrested by the Special Cell. Four such “terrorists” were arrested after an encounter in southwest Delhi in March 2005. Police claimed they had averted a major terrorist attack on the Indian Military Academy (IMA), Dehradun. Five years later, all four men were acquitted. Brijesh Pandey profiles the four terrorists who never were. READ »

Flights Of Fancy About 9/11 Copycat
Vol 7, Issue 07, Dated - February 20, 2010
By Brijesh Pandey
The arrest of Shahzad, the alleged plotter of an Indian 9/11, was touted as a breakthrough. Brijesh Pandey tracks the case in Azamgarh and Lucknow to find a story full of holes READ »

‘MCOCA Needs Amendment To Check Its Misuse’
Vol 7, Issue 05, Dated - February 06, 2010
By Rana Ayyub
Maharashtra’s Deputy Chief Minister Chhagan Bhujbal was the state’s home minister when the anti-terror law, the Maharashtra Control of Organised Crime Act (MCOCA), was legislated in 1999 to end the growing underworld menace. Alleged to have links with Abdul Karim Telgi, the mastermind behind the multi-crore fake stamp paper scam, and for influencing investigations in the case, Bhujbal was also in the line of fire for having supported former Mumbai police commissioner RS Sharma who was booked under MCOCA but later discharged. Following TEHELKA’s exhaustive investigation on the abuse of MCOCA, published over the last three weeks, Bhujbal admits that the law has indeed been misused. Excerpts from an interview with Rana Ayyub READ »

Have Law Will Jail
Vol 7, Issue 04, Dated - January 30, 2010
By Ajit Sahi and Rana Ayyub
A Two-Month Investigation By Ajit Sahi and Rana Ayyub Found That MCCA Has Only Pinned The Small Fry While Failing To Nail Gangsters’ Kin READ »

How The Law Is Made An Ass
Vol 7, Issue 03, Dated - January 23, 2010
By Ajit Sahi and Rana Ayyub
MCOCA was meant to finish off the mafia dons. But a two-month investigation by Ajit Sahi and Rana Ayyub Has Found That The Police Have Failed To Get The Big Fish Convicted For The Crimes READ »

One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest
Vol 7, Issue 02, Dated - January 16, 2010
By Ajit Sahi and Rana Ayyub
Confessions under duress and random accusations could get you jailed for years without bail. Ajit Sahi and Rana Ayyub tracked the misuse of the draconian MOCCA in maharashtra for two months READ »


Taint At The Very Top
Vol 6, Issue 49, Dated - December 12, 2009
By Brijesh Pandey
The Indian Army faces a severe image crisis as four top officers come under vigilance scanner on corruption charges. Brijesh Pandey reports READ »

The Blood Diamond Files
Vol 6, Issue 47, Dated - November 28, 2009
By Shantanu Guha Ray
Following the trail from Johannesburg to Mumbai, Shantanu Guha Ray finds that India is an important destination for Zimba stones track the Supreme Court’s lack of urgency in investigating charges of judicial corruption READ »

Burn After Reading
Vol 6, Issue 39, Dated - October 03, 2009
By Brijesh Pandey and Sanjay Dubey
Brijesh Pandey and Sanjay Dubey track the Supreme Court’s lack of urgency in investigating charges of judicial corruption READ »

Termites In The Woodwork
Vol 6, Issue 39, Dated - October 03, 2009
By Brijesh Pandey
The government has accused top officers at the COA, India’s apex architectural body, of criminal misconduct. Brijesh Pandey tracks the issues as the CBI investigates READ »

Piloting A Disaster
Vol 6, Issue 38, Dated - September 26, 2009
By Brijesh Pandey
YSR’s chopper pilot had compromised the CM’s and the Dalai Lama’s security in the past. Why then did the state continue to employ him? Brijesh Pandey reports READ »

A Taliban Of Our Very Own
Vol 6, Issue 32, Dated - August 15, 2009
By Neha Dixit
Murder, rape and exile are routine punishments for these parallel ‘Parliaments’. Neha Dixit tracks Khap panchayats across north India. Photos by Tarun Sehrawat READ »

A Nation’s Fatal Ingratitude
Vol 6, Issue 27, Dated - July 11, 2009
By Neha Dixit
6,000 Indian soldiers fight in the minus 50 degree bitter cold of the Siachen Glacier. A callous Ministry of Defence is now giving them flimsy gear that’s fit only for minus 10 degrees READ »

Nailing The Aravalli Lie
Vol 6, Issue 11, Dated - Mar 21, 2009
By Neha Dixit
Mining continues despite a Supreme Court ban. Neha Dixit goes undercover to find out who is doing it, and why they are getting away with it READ »


More Evidence Of Lashkar Role And Our Bungling

By Harinder Baweja

The entire procedure of recording the conversations of the terrorists started not on 26/11, the day of the attack, but in the early hours of 27/11 READ »


The Nowhere Children
Vol 5, Issue 43, Dated - Nov 01, 2008
By Neha Dixit
Human trafficking is the third largest illicit industry after arms and drugs. Neha Dixit went undercover to meet the traffickers and the young victims sold by their own families to pimps and placement agents READ »

Blood Thirsty
Vol 5, Issue 24, Dated - June 21, 2008
By Neha Dixit
Kept in a slum, fed twice a day, and their blood extracted thrice a week — in Gorakhpur, scores of unsuspecting men succumb to a network of modern-day vampires READ »

The Buying of Zaheera Sheikh

Vol 2, Issue 1, Dated - Jan 01, 2005
By Ashish Khetan
The Best Bakery trial, which had become symbolic of the quest for justice in Gujrat, has also taken the most exasperating twists over the last couple of years, continually threatening to thwart the truth. In a painstaking month-long investigation, TEHELKA reporter Ashish Khetan blows the lid off the sordid story READ »

Death By Firing Squad
Vol 4, Issue 18, Dated - May 12, 2007
By Ashish Khetan and Harinder Baweja
Yes, that still happens. in democratic, 21st-century India. Ashish Khetan and Harinder Baweja unravel the chilling story of the murder of Sohrabuddin and Kausar Bi by top Gujarat policemen and their bid to cover up the crime READ »

Fake Killings: Unwritten State Policy
Vol 4, Issue 19, Dated - May 19, 2007
By Ashish Khetan and Harinder Baweja
In Narendra Modi’s Gujarat, the cold-blooded murder of Sohrabuddin and his wife was no aberration. A Tehelka investigation into the killing of another youth, Sameer Khan, lays bare the mammoth cover-up crafted by Modi’s own office. Ashish Khetan and Harinder Baweja unravel the web of lies woven around the gunning down of Khan at point-blank range READ »


The Truth: Gujarat 2002
Vol 4, Issue 43, Dated - Nov 03, 2007
By Ashish Khetan
How spontaneous mob fury was shown as a premeditated conspiracy by the police who produced fake witnesses by bribing, coercion and torture READ »

Spycam Expose: Modi Hand in Fake Killings
Vol 4, Issue 19, Dated - May 19, 2007
By Ashish Khetan and Harinder Baweja
In Narendra Modi’s Gujarat, the cold-blooded murder of Sohrabuddin and his wife was no aberration. A Tehelka investigation into the killing of another youth, Sameer Khan, lays bare the mammoth cover-up crafted by Modi’s own office. Ashish Khetan and Harinder Baweja unravel the web of lies woven around the gunning down of Khan at point-blank range READ »

Top Cop Caught
Vol 4, Issue 15, Dated - Apr 21, 2007
By Ashish Khetan
Maharashtra DGP PS Pasricha has accumulated properties worth crores and undervalued them in his returns. The state’s seniormost cop is also impeding inquiries against shady builders with underworld connections. Ashish Khetan reveals the details in this painstaking exclusive READ »

Exposed: The Unacceptable Shame Of Nithari
Vol 4, Issue 05, Dated - Feb 10, 2007
By Etmad A. Khan, Mihir Srivastava and Sanjay Dubey
The police was paid and were in cahoots with Moninder Singh Pandher. He financed AC Ist Class fares and doled out favours. In turn, the law-keepers used powerful connections, even calling the chief minister’s brother to escape punishment. A cover-up is still on. After a four-week-long investigation, a Tehelka-Star News exposé by Etmad A. Khan, Mihir Srivastava and Sanjay Dubey READ »


Vol 3, Issue 39, Dated - Oct 07, 2006
By Vineet Khare and Harinder Baweja
Some were intimidated. Some were paid off, in cash and in kind. Others were just too spineless to stand up for the truth. In a painstaking, three-month undercover operation, Vineet Khare and Harinder Baweja blow the lid off the sordid derailment of justice in a case that has become the nation’s cause celebre READ »


‘I was offered Rs 25 lakh to remain silent’
Vol 2, Issue 40, Dated - Oct 08, 2005
By Ajmer Singh and Etmad A. Khan
In a painstaking month-long investigation, Ajmer Singh and Etmad A. Khan dig out the middlemen who acted on behalf of politicians and played a treacherous role in threatening and buying off crucial eyewitnesses and victims of the Sikh massacre of 1984 READ »

Exclusive interview with Chhota Rajan
Vol 2, Issue 30, Dated - Jul 30, 2005
By Harinder Baweja
Old colleagues, Dawood IBrahim and Chhota Rajan are today waging a war for control of the Mumbai underworld. Rajan was once lynchpin of D-Company; today he is one of the tools Indian intelligence uses to strike at the Dawood empire. In an exclusive telephone interview from somewhere in Europe, Chhota Rajan reveals how Salman Khan lunched with Dawood in his presence and goes on to claim that Bharat Shah (acquitted on this specific charge) was a front for Dawood’s money. Repeatedly invoking the ‘national interest’ to justify his actions, he also admits to his close linkages with India’s Intelligence Bureau. Excerpts: READ »

Justice Cries For Justice Denied
Vol 2, Issue 13, Dated - Apr 02, 2005
By Vikram Jit Singh
Vikram Jit Singh scoops an internal communication from aggrieved Justice BK Roy to Chief Justice of India RC Lahoti imploring the country’s highest judicial authority to strike at those who give the judiciary a bad name, not at those who have tried to cleanse the filth READ »

Top Cop Nails Gujarat Lie
Vol 2, Issue 10, Dated - Mar 12, 2005
By Hartosh Singh Bal and Mahesh Langa
Gujarat Home Secretary and the government pleader wanted Additional Director General of the state police RB Sreekumar to conceal the truth from the Nanavati-Shah Commission inquiring into the 2002 genocide. The top cop taped the conversation. Hartosh Singh Bal and Mahesh Langa got the tapes. Their report READ »

“ We Paid Zaheera Sheikh Rs 18 Lakh ”
Vol 2, Issue 01, Dated - Jan 01, 2005
By Ashish Khetan
The Best Bakery trial, which had become symbolic of the quest for justice in Gujarat, has also taken the most exasperating twists over the last couple of years, continually threatening to thwart the truth. In a painstaking month-long investigation, TEHELKA reporter Ashish Khetan blows the lid off the sordid story READ »


Captain Peril
Vol 1, Issue 46, Dated - Dec 18, 2004
By Kumar Baadal
A Tehelka sting operation nets 10 flying hours without the need to step into a cockpit, and a student pilot’s licence with a Rs 1 lakh bribe. More money can fetch you an undeserved commercial pilot’s papers. What does this mean for safety in our skies?

The Sunderbans Killer Assault
Vol 1, Issue 38, Dated - Oct 23, 2004
By VK Shashikumar
Over 10,000 Sunderbans fishermen were evicted from Jambudwip Island by the West Bengal government. Why is the CPM annoying its own people to accommodate Sahara India’s tourism project? READ »

Your Doctor could be Bleeding you...
Vol 1, Issue 30, Dated - Aug 28, 2004
By Aman Khanna
Each time a doctor refers you for a scan or a test to a particular diagnostic centre, chances are he is getting a fat commission from there. As diagnostic centres mushroom all over the country, the noble practitioners in white make money at the expense of patients they are meant to heal. Aman Khanna took up a job as a representative in two such centres in the Capital to unravel a flourishing malpractice in which big bucks bind corrupt doctors and greedy businessmen. His report READ »

Goa Crackdown Begins
Vol 1, Issue 29, Dated - Aug 21, 2004
By VK Shashikumar and Mayabhushan Nagvenkar
After the initial stonewalling, Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar has woken up and announced a slew of measures to check paedophilia in the state. The police have launched a crackdown on pederasts. Known child abusers have gone into hiding. Local bodies, including the Church and colleges, are launching awareness campaigns to educate the local population about child abuse by foreigners. A report by VK Shashikumar and Mayabhushan Nagvenkar READ »

Sin in Paradise
Vol 1, Issue 28, Dated - Aug 14, 2004
By VK Shashikumar
A five-month undercover investigation conducted by Tehelka has revealed that hundreds of Europeans — British, Germans, Dutch, French, Swiss and Swedish — visit Goa to seek children for sexual gratification. They come to Goa because it is easy, and cheap, to sexually abuse a child here. On the run after crackdowns on cheap child-sex tourism in Thailand and Sri Lanka, the paedophile bus has rolled into Goa. And turned the picture-postcard tourism destination into an arena of perversity and of horrors. Goa has made an alarming transition from being a laid-back resort to a paedophile’s paradise. And the government, despite knowledge of this debased crime, despite alerts from international agencies, chooses to look the other way.A report by VK Shashikumar READ »

Dr Gupta’s Laboratory of Madness
Vol 1, Issue 24, Dated - Jul 17, 2004
By Jamshed Khan
Jamshed Khan returns to Agra to dig up fresh evidence on the rot in mental healthcare in our country. He finds more victims and tales of murder, torture, greed and corruption. An in-depth report READ »

The Price of Insanity
Vol 1, Issue 23, Dated - Jul 10, 2004
By Jamshed Khan
A greedy and corrupt government psychiatrist, whose job it is to heal patients at Agra’s mental asylum, is caught colluding with heartless husbands who want to dump their wives. He charges a mere Rs 5,000 to certify poor, disempowered women mentally ill and testifies to his own falsehoods in court. Jamshed Khan rips the cover off a sordid saga READ »

Opium Men
Vol 1, Issue 21, Dated - Jun 26, 2004
By Ashish Khetan
The portrait of the politician as a corrupt figurehead is a familiar one to all Indians. But seldom has there been proof against our lawmakers. Seldom have they been caught redhanded. Ashish Khetan rips the opium trail and unearths documentary evidence that indicts several ministers, MPs and MLAs from Uttar Pradesh, who have recommended the release of top drug lords. An in-depth report into the cosy network that binds the neta and the drug runner, one that does not distinguish the Samajwadi Party from the BJP and the BSP READ »

Damning self disclosures Top leaders lie on oath
Vol 1, Issue 14, Dated - May 08, 2004
By Harinder Baweja and Aman Khanna
Trust our politicians to tweak any law. As Harinder Baweja and Aman Khanna find out, the disclosures of their assets are nothing but lies and an effort to hoodwink the people, whose fundamental right to know was upheld by a landmark Supreme Court judgement. READ »

EXPOSE: the AK-47 scam
Vol 1, Issue 11, Dated - Apr 17, 2004
By Aman Khanna
The Home Ministry responds to Tehelka on the Kalashnikov scam but opens itself up to further scrutiny READ »

The Kalashnikov scam
Vol 1, Issue 10, Dated - Apr 10, 2004
By Aman Khanna
The Indian government is threatened with legal action by the Russians for buying AK-47s, intended for the modernisation of its forces, from a Bulgarian firm accused of arming terrorist groups READ »

Chandraswamy caught on tape CBI moves in
Vol 1, Issue 3, Dated - Feb 21, 2004
By Harinder Baweja and Jamshed Khan
New Delhi READ »

Preparing for the harvest ...
Vol 1, Issue 1, Dated - Feb 07, 2004
By VK Shashikumar
A new mood of aggressive evangelism has been emanating from America. Well-funded, superbly networked, backed by the highest of the land, seized of its moral supremacy, it has India as one of its key targets, reveals VK Shashikumar in a disturbing exposé READ »



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